Hot Venezuela Men: Six Manly Hunks From Venezuela

Hot Venezuela Men: Six Manly Hunks From Venezuela. Are men from Venezuela among the hottest guys on earth? We here at Famewatcher believe so. They are certainly up there with Slovakians [see these Slovakian hunks] and we have photos of Venezuelan male celebrities as proof that guys from the Land of Hugo Chavez can, when it comes to male physical beauty, top the rest of the world.

Football Hunk Roberto Rosales. Baby-faced Roberto José Rosales Altuve is the kind of guy we’d like to bring home to mama. He’s cute so we’d like to baby him. He’s also every inch a hunk so we’d like him to be our daddy. And he’s a football star too! What more can a girl ask for?

hot venezuela men roberto rosales

Beauty King Jose Ampueda. We’re calling this 23-year-old Mechanical Engineering student from Puerto Ordaz a “beauty king” because he represented Venezuela to this year’s Manhunt International contest. Manhunt is a male beauty pageant kind of like your Miss Universe but for the unfairer sex. [Wanna see more male beauty pageants?]

hot venezuela men jose ampueda

Actor Yul Burkle. Yul, who may have been named after the legendary Yul Brynner, is one of those dudes who sizzle even if they’re fully clothed. This hunk (full name: Yul Hansel Bürkle Solorzano) is from Caracas. He has 13 movie/TV credits/projects to his name and is married to a lucky girl named Scarlet Ortiz.

hot venezuela men yul burkle

Ricky Martin’s Friend Adolfo Cubas. Adolfo Cubas is an actor who’s been active in the television world having filmed 23 TV series to date. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently battling the disease. Wikipedia states that Adolfo is a friend of Latino superstar Ricky Martin; we’re not sure if their friendship started when they were young when Adolfo was someone involved with a boyband named Los Chamos while Ricky was with Menudo. Want to see Ricky Martin’s Leather Jacket?

hot venezuela men adolfo cubas ricky martin

Boy Band Hottie Jonathan Montenegro. Speaking of Menudo, here’s Jonathan Montenegro who was with the boyband in 1991. His path didn’t cross with Menudo’s most famous member (Ricky Martin) who “graduated” in 1989. Jonathan is also an actor and has appeared in 19 telenovelas according to his IMDB page.

hot venezuela men jonathan montenegro

Adult Actor Ramon Nomar. Ramon is an actor from Caracas who acts in adult-oriented movies. He’s apparently a prolific performer as his IAFD (that’s the adult version of IMDB) profile says he appeared in 370 titles.

hot venezuela men ramon nomar

Obviously, Ramon is portraying a hunky construction worker in the pic above which he fits to a T. Speaking of Venezuelan actors like Ramon Nomar, you might want to check out our post on Jean Franko.

Hot Venezuela Men: Six Manly Hunks From Venezuela. Posted 22 March 2012. Updated 22 May 2017.