Alberto Ammann Gay or Girlfriend: Pacho Herrera in Narcos

Alberto Ammann Gay or Girlfriend: Pacho Herrera in Narcos. Is Argentine actor Alberto Amman, who plays Pacho Herrera in the Netflix drama Narcos, gay or straight in real life? Nah, he is straight. And he has a girlfriend, Clara Mendez Leite, who’s also in the acting biz. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds, in matchy-matchy jeans, during a red carpet event a few years back.

Alberto Ammann girlfriend Clara Mendez-Leite

Now, although he is a straight dude, Alberto is pretty supportive of the LGBT community as you can see in some of his posts on Instagram. Follow him @albertoammann. Alberto is becoming an LGBT favorite these days because his character on Narcos, Pacho Herrera, is kinda coming out as a gay dude. Here’s Alberto (as Pacho) dancing oh-so-intimately with co-star Maurho Jimenez.

Alberto Ammann gay dance with Maurho Jimenez - narcos

Alberto Ammann gay kissing co-star Maurho.

alberto ammann gay kiss narcos

Aww. How sweet.

alberto ammann gay kiss narcos

So is Pacho Herrera gay in real life? Apparently he was. In fact, the drug lord, who was killed in 1998, was open about his sexual orientation. More from LA Weekly:

Herrera, the youngest of the four Cali godfathers, oversaw the most brutal wing of killers in the entire cartel. He was also openly gay, looked as if he had just stepped off the pages of GQ, and lived in an all-white compound with white marble floors, white walls and ceilings, and white leather furniture.

Question for you fellow Famewatchers: Does Alberto look like he is a cross between Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal? If, by some kind of miracle, the two Hollywood A-Listers had a baby it could look like Alberto, no?

alberto ammann hot

Alberto Ammann Shirtless Photos. This section is for those of you looking for Alberto Ammann shirtless pics. Unfortunately, there ain’t a lot out there. Let us hope that we’ll eventually get more as his role in Narcos gets more prominent.

Alberto Ammann shirtless narcos

Who wants to join Alberto and his lover in this tub?

Alberto Ammann shirtless narcos gay

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