Maurho Jimenez Gay or Girlfriend: Narcos Actor Shirtless

So are you one of those who wondered about the identity of Alberto Ammann‘s kissing budddy in Narcos? Well, you are not alone. And we are here to give you more details about the guy. But before we do so, let us look again at Pacho Herrera and his kissing partner, shall we?

Alberto Ammann gay dance with Maurho Jimenez - narcos

Here’s the video version for those of you who are more into videos.

Take that DWTS and Strictly Come Dancing! Who says men can’t dance together in such a sensual manner? Anyhoo, for those who are wondering, Alberto or Pacho’s dance partner and kissing buddy is Maurho Jimenez. Apparently, if his IMDB profile is to be believed, this is Maurho’s first and, so far, only acting gig. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Narcos powers-that-be include him in Pacho’s story arc in future seasons of the show.

Maurho is a voice talent in his native Colombia.

Is Maurho Jimenez gay in real life? Apparently not. He is straight and is very much married to a girl named Sirly Lopez Angulo. Here’s a video made from their wedding.

If you want to know more about Maurho, check out his Facebook page (@maurhojimenez). Here are some photos of the guy we grabbed from Facebook.

Maurho Jiménez facebook

He sure is rocking his thick sweater don’t you think?

Maurho Jiménez gay or straight in real life

This last photo is our favorite of Maurho. The reason is obvious. Hehe. We are putting it here for those of you looking for his shirtless pics.

Maurho Jimenez shirtless