Hanes Male Underwear Models and Celebrity Fans

Hanes Male Underwear Models and Celebrity Fans. Wow. Hanes has got some pretty popular celebrities posing for their underwear specifically for the brand’s #VouchForThePouch campaign. First up, football star Victor Cruz who won a Super Bowl championship with the New York Giants.

hanes underwear models - victor cruz

Next, Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. He is always posting photos of himself in his undies but he reveals in an interview with People Magazine that this is his first underwear endorsement deal. Congrats, Antoni!

hanes underwear models - antoni porowski

Lastly, we are pleasantly surprised to see Catfish host Nev Schulman in Hanes boxer briefs. We’re glad they did not ask him to shave what looks to be an unruly body hair.

hanes underwear models - nev schulman

Hanes Male Underwear Models in Boxers and Briefs (14 December 2013). Time for another look at vintage men’s underwear advertisements. This time, let’s check out these underwear adverts for Hanes Underwear. These first two ads are from far back as 1986.

Bill Blass Hanes underwear playboy

Who is the Bill Blass mentioned in the copy? We thought it’s the sexy guy modeling the Hanes briefs but it turns out that Bill Blass is a successful menswear designer from Indiana. He must have designed these briefs underwear for Hanes.

hanes male underwear models bill blass

It might interest you fellow UnderwearWatchers to know that Hanes is one of the 20 Bestselling Men’s Underwear Brands according to msn.com.

From MSN Lifestyle: “A multibillion dollar company, Hanes is one of the world’s largest suppliers of men’s underwear. Founded in 1901, these days the brand reports over $4 billion of sales revenue annually. Hanes are known for producing good quality, basic pants that do what they say on the tin – no frills and no fuss. Recently the brand has developed a ‘tagless’ range, featuring label-free pants ‘because tags are annoying’.”

Want more Hanes male underwear models? Check out British model Jamie Wise posing for photographer Antia Pagant.

hanes underwear models jamie wise

Maximilian Silberman in Hanes briefs photograped by Richard Pier Petit.

hanes male underwear models maximilian silberman

Spanish male model River Viiperi.

hanes underwear models men - river viiperi

Famous male celebrities who modeled for Hanes or who were spotted wearing the label (aka Hanes Celebrity Fans) include the likes of basketball superstar Michael Jordan. [Want to see more NBA Basketball Players’ Underwear?]

michael jordan boxers underwear - hanes

Football Hall of Famer Howie Long was also a spokesmodel for the brand.

DeAndre Cortez Way aka Soulja Boy is, obviously, a celebrity fan.

So is Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto who’s seen in the next photo below with a Hanes underwear peeking up his jeans.


That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. Funny how we initially intended to just focus on vintage underwear but ended up with current Hanes users. Hehe.

By the by, if you are planning to buy Hanes Underwear, now would be a good time because the label (hanes.com) is offering big discounts. For instance, the cotton boxer briefs below is originally priced at $21 for a package containing five pairs. It is now being sold at $9.99.

hanes cotton underwear sale - discount

That means a saving of $11. If that is not a great deal, we don’t know what is.

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