NBA Basketball Players as Underwear Models

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear (posted 14 June 2013). As promised we’re bringing you Part II of our post on shirtless professional basketball players of the National Basketball Association (NBA) but we’re making it more interesting by focusing on those showing their underwear. Like, you know, Michael Jordan and his Hanes boxer shorts in the pic below.

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear michael jordan boxers underwear - hanes

Look who’s wearing a pink Papi underwear? It’s Dwyane Wade, point guard for the Miami Heat. This is reportedly his costume in last year’s Halloween delighting not only his fans who want to see him in his undies but also the Papi folks for the free brand awareness for their brand.

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear Dwyane Wade Papi Underwear - halloween 2012

Speaking of pink underwear, check out Shaquille O’Neal in this pair of neon pink briefs which he wore to Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. [Want more pink underwear for men?]

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear shaquille o neal underwear - pink briefs on jimmy fallon

Did you know that Dennis Rodman, probably the most colorful personality that the NBA ever produced, once modeled underwear for Versace? Check out this pic of him and actress Rebecca Romijn. Nice, huh?

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear dennis rodman underwear model

For his part, Dwight Howard is currently one of the celebrity endorsers of German sportswear brand Adidas. Check out the Los Angeles Lakers center in his Flex 360 underwear which “has a contour fit and lightweight ClimaCool fabric for the best mobility and dryness during workouts”.

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear Dwight Howard Adidas

Who’s that guy lounging in his briefs underwear? That guy, fellow Famewatcher, is no other than Kris Humphries who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets. This pic of the power forward is courtesy of West East Magazine.

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear kris humphries

Spanish hunk Wally Szczerbiak who played in the NBA from 1999 to 2009 poses in a pair of boxer briefs.

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear Wally Szczerbiak underwear - boxer briefs

Miami Heat forward LeBron James shows of his biceps, his well-defined washboard abs, and his long johns underwear.

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear lebron james shirtless - long johns underwear

Is Tierre Brown trying to be an underwear model? The 6’2″ guard now plays in Belarus but he played some NBA teams such as the Houston Rockets, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

nba basketball player underwear - tierre brown - houston rockets la hornets and la lakers

NBA Basketball Players as Underwear Models. Posted 14 June 2013. Last updated: May 12, 2020 at 11:57 am.

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