Shirtless Men in Jeans: Male Models and Hot Actors

Shirtless Men in Jeans. Look who’s running around town wearing nothing but a pair of jeans? It’s celebrity spawn turned male model turned actor Scott Eastwood! We gotta give credit to the guy, he’s now a celebrity in his own right. Sure he banked on his father’s famous last name and sure it doesn’t take talent to be a celebrity these days (see: Kardashians) but Scott Eastwood has the looks and the talent to make it in the biz.

shirtless men in jeans scott eastwood

And, he’s been slowly making it these past few years. His belt buckle is silly though. Hehe.

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Anyhoo, here are more shirtless men in jeans. Who of the guys is the hottest of them all? Who would you bring home to mama?

Male models Philip Fusco and Marcel Rodriguez are going to play basketball in shirtless jeans. Who is the better basketballer between these two handsome hunks?

shirtless guys in jeans - Philip Fusco and Marcel Rodriguez

Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester of the hit TV show Supernatural. Hmmm, what’s he doing with that belt around his neck. Are we getting a little bit 50 Shades there, Jensen?

shirtless men in jeans - jensen ackles dean winchester

Jed Hill and Michael Radon photographed by Michael Downs for OhLaLa Magazine. Look at them washboard abs! And look at them peekabo Calvin Klein underwear on Michael. Hawt! Hawt! Hawt!

shirtless men in jeans 2015-16 - Jed Hill and Michael Radon pic by Michael Downs

Next up in our list of shirtless men in jeans is Slovakian male model and adult actor Lukas Ridgeston. He is Kevin’s favorite of all Slovakian male models and all adult actors. We can see why Kevin is smitten by him. It’s them washboard abs, for sure.

shirtless men in jeans - lukas ridgeston

Swedish male supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg in Camp David Jeans. Camp David, as we mentioned in earlier posts, is a German menswear brand.


Male models Aleksandar Rusic and Alex Wilms for Armani Jeans. These two gorgeous guys are from Germany but Alex is part-Italian.

shirtless men in jeans - armani jeans 2015 catalogue with models Aleksandar Rusic and Alex Wilms

British actor Andrew Hayden Smith. He’s most known for his Doctor Who but his most recent acting gig is the salacious and controversial TV show, Cucumber.

andrew hayden smith shirtless in jeans

Male models wearing Strellson Jeans.

strellson sportswear spring summer 2012-jeans

We began this post with a celebrity spawn and we are going to end it with another celebrity spawn: a shirtless Patrick Schwarzenneger modeling for Hudson Jeans. Like Scott Eastwood, Patrick is starting to make a name for himself in Showbizlandia.

patrick schwarzenneger - hudson jeans model2

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