German Menswear Fashion Label: Otto Jackets, Jeans, Shirts on Andre Ziehe

German Mens Jackets: Andre Ziehe Models Otto Jackets, Jeans, and Shirts. We’ve seen Brazilian male model Andre Ziehe rocking his Otto jeans and we saw him looking fab in his slim fit shirts. Now, check out the 24 year-old cutie as he continues modeling the outfits of the German fashion label, Otto. Pretty cool jackets, no?

We love the cut because they emphasize the man’s muscle toned upper body. Niiiiice.

sprots jacket for men - otto catalogue - german fashion label

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German Men’s Jeans: Otto Jeans for Andre Ziehe
29 November 2010

Are you looking for a German fashion brand that produces fabulous jeans for men? Well, what do you think of these distressed jeans by Otto? Are they fabulous enough for you? Or are you not appreciating the product because you are distracted by male model Andre Ziehe’s washboard ab muscles? Can’t say we blame you. This Brazilian model does pack him some delectable abs.

distressed blue jeans - otto german denim wear on male model andre ziehe

Did we say Andre’s got delectable abs? Here’s more proof.

cargo pants by otto

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Otto Slim Fit Shirts for Men: Andre Ziehe Menswear
28 November 2010

slim collar shirt by otto for men

If you have an upper body that doesn’t need the Equmen slimming shirt because you are already slim and very much fit, you might want to show off your awesome fitness by going for slim fit shirts — like these Otto shirts on male model Andre Ziehe — which accentuates your musculature and physique.

pink shirts for men - otto clothes on male model

Damn, Andre is the cutest isn’t he?

white shirts for men - slim otto menswear

We’d like to bring him home to mama.

blach t shirts for men by otto german clothing label

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