Zara Young Men’s Lookbook: Adrien Sahores, French Male Model

Looking for Zara menswear? Here’s some photos from the Zara Young Men’s Lookbook for Fall/Winter 2010 featuring French male model Adrien Sahores. Ain’t he looking purty?

coats for young men -

For more fab menswear from this Spanish label, check out the Zara winter coat collection, this gorgeous Zara leather jacket, and these Zara men’s cardigans.

gray winter coats for men by zara

black winter long coat for men by zara for fall winter 2010 2011

So what do you think of these Zara outerwear designed for young dudes? How do they compare with these men’s coats by other fashion designers?

Zara Young (Man) Lookbook for Fall/Winter 2011-2012 (20 August 2011). Want more Zara lookbooks for young men? Check out this peacoat from the Fall Winter 2011-2012 Collection. The model’s legs look weird (badly photoshopped?) but the coat looks fab, fabulous, and totally fabulous (yeah, like George W. Bush, we love to say fabulous hehe!).

Now, our favorite part for the next “look” is that big pair of shiny shoes. Gotta get a pair for our man who is no dwarf in the foot size department. And you know what they say about men with big feet right? We’ve no complaints, for sure. Hehe.

Those of you who don’t like fit clothes on men might not like the next “look” below which, in the words of our good friend Deena, “all appear to be one size too small”.

Cable knit sweater anyone? It’s looking good, isn’t it? We’re sure it’s gonna be comfortable to wear too. This is how men’s sweaters should look.

We saved the best for last with this Zara red jacket. OMG. It’s beyond fabulous. We’re not surprised that our friends Deena and Kevin – who rarely agree when it comes to fashion – are both raving about the jacket. If you have the money you should go ahead and grab one of these jackets before they fly off the shelves.