Famous Ginger Men Go Shirtless: Who’s The Hottest of them All?

Famous Ginger Men Go Shirtless: Who’s The Hottest of them All? It is Redhead Appreciation Monday here on Famewatcher so here’s another list of ginger hunks who chucked off their shirts to the delight of the THOTs of the world who love them their hot redhead guys.

Anyhoo, let’s begin with British Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford who, our friend Kevin insists,  is totally not shirtless in the photo below because he is partially covered by a robe. However, he is not wearing any shirt so he is technically shirtless, right?

famous ginger men shirtless greg rutherford

Allan Keyser, starred as Bubba Higgins in the TV sitcom Mama’s Family.

famous ginger men shirtless redhead actor Allan Bubba Kayser

How hawt is British model/actor Robert Kazinsky in his open shirt below. Is he married? Should we make him our imaginary redhead boo? Prince Harry used to be our redhead boo but he’s married now and we don’t want to distract him from his family duties. Hehe.

famous ginger men go shirtless rob kazinsky

Scott Grimes on the set of Robin Hood.

famous ginger men shirtless scott grimes robin hood

Redhead hunk Seth Green is shirtless as Daniel Osbourne in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

famous ginger men shirtless seth green

Okay, let us continue blogging about shirtless redhead hunks with ginger cutie Kevin McKidd. Apparently, he went kissy kissy with James Purefoy in the 1998 movie Bedrooms and Hallways. We say both of them made a good choice, no? What about you, which of these redheads would you go kissy kissy with?

shirtless ginger hunk - kevin mckidd with james purefoy in bedrooms and hallways

Is Zack Ward the hunkiest ginger of them all?

famous ginger men shirtless - zack ward

Fans of Michael Fassbender will argue that the hunkiest redhead in the world would be this talented German actor. We think they have a case.

famous ginger men shirtless - michael fassbender

For us here at Famewatcher however, the hunkiest redhead would be the butt-kicking Chuck Norris. We don’t like his politics but we can’t deny that his hunkiness is “old school” which should outrank any other kind of hunkiness. Haha. [Deena says: Huh? Isn’t Robert Redford’s hunkiness also “old school”?]

shirtless red hair actor - chuck norris

Underrated actor Paul Bettany looks hawt in his white boxer shorts, no?

shirtless red hair male celeb - paul bettany

Hey look, another redhead celebrity in his underwear: Rocker boy Axl Rose, vocalist for Guns N’ Roses. He looks so young and innocent in this photo, no?

shirtless redhead celebrities - axl rose - rocker

Last but not the least of our shirtless celebrity redheads is Italian actor Stefano Masciolini. Looks like he stayed too long under the sun because he’s starting to burn.


So, who of the above shirtless famous ginger men is your favorite? As mentioned, our pick would be Robert Kazinsky. Kevin, for his part, is a Fassbender stan so we are sure he’s picking the German actor. Want more shirtless celebrities? Go check out these Shirtless NASCAR Drivers.

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