Redhead Haircuts: Celebrity Ginger Hair Styles – Mens Edition

Redhead Haircuts: Celebrity Ginger Hair Styles – Mens Edition. Are you a ginger-haired dude who’s looking for a hairstyle inspiration to follow? Well, let’s have a compilation of the different hair cuts which famous red-haired men and boys have sported over the years. First up is movie director Ron Howard. Did you know that he started his career as a child actor? How cute is he with his long hair?

redhead haircuits - ron howard as young child actor

Also sporting a long hairstyle when he was a child actor is Danny Bonaduce who played the wisecracking Danny Partridge in the 1970s sitcom, Partridge Family.

redhead haircuits - danny bonaduce

This is probably the best haircut we’ve seen on Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint. It suits him well, no?

redhead haircuits - rupert grint - ginger

When it comes to bouffants, no one — whether they be redheads or not — can beat late night talk show host Conan O’Brien.

best male redhead hairstyles - conan o brien

Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy, seen here during the Boston Gay Pride march with out basketball player Jason Collins, shows us how you can rock your curly red hair.

best male redhead hairstyle- joe kennedy with jason collins

Also marching during a gay pride march, but this time in New York 2007, is adult actor Blu Kennedy. His Ivy League haircut suits him pretty cool, no?

blu kennedy - gay pride march ny 2007

Irish actor/director Domhnall Gleeson sports some bangs that nicely frames his face.

redhead haircuits - domhnall gleeson

Did Domhnall and Eric Stoltz go to the same hairstylist?

celebrity ginger haircut Eric Stoltz-redhead

Scottish actor Kevin McKidd sports a curly Caesar-style redhead haircut.

famous male redheads - Kevin McKidd - Scottish actor - lucius in rome

Ginger actor Anthony Rapp. Awww. He’s looking like a Hogwarts teacher, no? Oh, okay, maybe he’s just reminding me of the older Weasley kid. What’s his name, Percy?

ginger actor - anthony rapp

Jordan Dean‘s curly locks also stars on the Broadway stage.

ginger hunk - jordan dean on broadway - underwear

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson goes for an Ivy League crew cut during a Golden Globes red carpet appearance.

Jesse-Tyler-Ferguson-68th Golden Globes

Is smoking musician Josh Homme going for a fauxhawk or a simple spiky hair? Maybe fauxhawk lite?

male redhead hairstyles - josh homme

What do you think of Damian Lewis‘ hairstyle?

male actors with ginger hair - damian lewis

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