Evan Goldschneider Finance Zaddy Hunk of the Day

Evan Goldschneider Zaddy Finance Hunk of the Day. Famewatchers, meet Evan Goldshneider, our Zaddy Hunk of the Day. You may be already familiar with him and the lady beside him if you watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey where his wife, Jackie Mark-Goldschneider (aka the lady beside him), is one of the main cast members.

Evan Goldschneider - jackie husband rhonj

Evan is a finance zaddy and, by this, we mean he works in the finance sector. Specifically, he is a partner of the NY-based Hawthorne Lane Capital Group where he “as partner responsible for identifying attractive investment opportunities, established global exclusive marketing partnerships with five prestigious alternative investment managers”. The quote, if you are wondering is from his LinkedIn account.

In an interview with northjersey.com, Evan reveals that he was apprehensive at first when his wife joined the wildly popular Housewives franchise but has since become supportive of Jackie’s TV gig. [Want more TV Zaddy Hunk’s? Check out our post on Jacques Torres of the poppin’ Netflix baking show Nailed It.]

More from northjersey.com: “Evan occasionally appears on The Real Housewives but says he never could have seen it coming. ‘It’s good to take a chance because it could pay off,’ he says. And it has. ‘Our life certainly changed for the better,’ he says. He finds it weirder to see himself on TV than it is to see her. ‘She belonged on TV,’ he says. ‘Seeing myself took some getting used to.'”

A pic of the couple we grabbed from the abovementioned website:

Evan Goldschneider - jackie husband rhonj3

Evan and Jackie met in a New York dive bar in 2003 and tied the knot in 2006. They’re now blessed with four kids who happen to be twinsies, twin boys Jonas and Adin and boy-girl twins Hudson and Alexis. Here’s a photo from their wedding day which we grabbed from Jackie’s Instagram account (follow her @jackiegoldschneider):

Evan Goldschneider wedding to jackie

You didn’t think we’d have a Zaddy Hunk of the Day without a shirtless pic, didn’t you?

Evan Goldschneider shirtless

We love that he leaves his chest hair unshaved which is what a real zaddy would do. Now is there another Real Housewives husband out there that you want us to include in our Hot Zaddy List?