Eamon Farren Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Awards

Eamon Farren Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Awards. Today in Hot Australian Men, we bring you Eamon Farren who really, really impressed us on The Witcher. We were like, “Who’s that guy? He’s intense and he’s a great actor!” Apparently, he’s been acting since 2002 in his native Australia and that he won a best supporting award from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) which, if we are not mistaken, is the Aussie equivalent for the Emmys.

Eamon Farren awards - aacta best supporting actor

To date, Eamon has starred in a total of 35 movies and TV shows including The Witcher and we are hoping he continues to expand his footprint in Hollywood because he is the kind of actor you can sympathize with as a protagonist and really hate as a villain. Like, we hated him when he was the baddie on The Witcher but softened up to him and liked him when he allied with one of the main characters. We’re pretty sure he (we mean his character) is gonna annoy us again though and that we’d be rooting against him when the next season comes. Haha.

Eamon Farren the witcher actor

Eamon Farren Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He appears to be single at the moment but he was in a relationship with actress Yael Stone according to whosdatedwho.com which may or may not know what it is talking about. Haha. At any rate, here’s a photo of Eamon going kissy-kissy with Yael which was posted by the actor on his Insta (follow him @eamonfarren).

Eamon Farren girlfriend or not

Eamon and co-star Claire van der Boom in Love is Now.

Eamon Farren girlfriend or not - Claire van der Boom in love is now

And here’s Eamon as a trans woman in the ABC telemovie for which we won his above-mentioned AACTA acting award.

Eamon Farren gay or straight

Eamon Farren as ava in carlotta

Eamon Farren Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Why is our Eamon wearing old school underwear in the photos below? Because these images are screencapped from the BBC show The ABC Murders which, if we are not mistaken, was set in the 1930s.

Eamon Farren underwear in the abc murders tv show2

Eamon Farren underwear in the abc murders tv show

A shirtless pic of the actor for the thirsty hos among us. We bet you can find more of these on the tumblr blog effyaeamonfarren.

Eamon Farren shirtless

Some modeling photos of our Aussie cutie where he looks fabulous.

Eamon Farren hot model

Eamon Farren fashion long coat

Eamon Farren hot model actor

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