Abubakr Ali Shirtless, Biceps, and Girlfriend

Abubakr Ali Shirtless, Hot Biceps, and Girlfriend. Who’s the cute dude subtly showing off his biceps in the photo below? His name is Abubakr Ali. He is an actor. And he just might become a really big star in Hollywood. We say this because he is starring in an upcoming superhero Netflix series called Grendel where he plays the lead role. However, the operative word in the sentence is “might” because Netflix shows have been frustratingly not good and that those who starred in a lot of its shows, who we thought will get a Netflix bump to superstardom, did not get said bump because their shows are ho-hum.

abubakr ali hot biceps

So let’s keep our fingers crossed that Grendel will be a great show, shall we? We hope it does not go the way of Cowboy Bebop (we felt bad for John Cho), Jupiter’s Legacy (we felt so bad for Andrew Horton), Daybreak (we felt bad for Colin Ford) and too many forgettable Netflix shows left in the dustbin. Damn! Let’s really, really, really hope that Grendel turns out to be a great show.

Now, while we are waiting for said show — reports state it will drop at the end of the year — you should check out Abubakr in a movie called Anything’s Possible on Prime Video where he falls in love with a transwoman. It’s rating really well on Rotten Tomatoes (83% fresh) so it must be pretty good, no?

abubakr ali anythings possible

To date, our hunky Arab actor has starred in 12 movies and TV shows per IMDB and one of his acting projects earned him an acting award from the 2018 Indie Short Fest. He shared the award with co-star and love interest in the movie Jack Lowe.

abubakr ali gay arab

abubakr ali gay with jack lowe in irish goodbye

Abubakr Ali Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He played LGBT characters onscreen but, from what we gathered, he is straight in real life and is dating girlfriend Amandla Jahava. Here’s a pic of the two which we grabbed from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @theabubakrali. Amandla also has more intimate pics of them together if you wanna see more.

abubakr ali girlfriend - amandla jahava

Abubakr Ali Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Now, for the thirsty hos among us, here are some shirtless pics of the actor from his Insta as well as some of his acting projects particularly Katy Keene and a stage play called Xander Xyst, Dragon: 1 which ran at the Yale Cabaret.

abubakr ali body

abubakr ali male celebrity chest hair

abubakr ali shirtless hot as raj in katy keene

abubakr ali shirtless workout on instagram

abubakr ali shirtless

abubakr ali underwear xander xyst

abubakr ali underwear

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