Chris Hardwick Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Chris Hardwick Update. So how’s Chris Hardwick doing since we last blogged about him? Well, he’s a daddy now. Oh, and — like Dax Shepard — is some kind of a podcast magnate he’s some kind of a podcast magnate having established the very successful Nerdist Podcast which now goes by the ID10T Podcast.

He also got himself two Emmy Awards (specifically Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – Social TV Experience) for hosting the internet game show @midnight With Chris Hardwick. Here’s the actor with one of his Emmys:

chris hardwick emmy awards

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Eamon Farren Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Awards

Eamon Farren Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Awards. Today in Hot Australian Men, we bring you Eamon Farren who really, really impressed us on The Witcher. We were like, “Who’s that guy? He’s intense and he’s a great actor!” Apparently, he’s been acting since 2002 in his native Australia and that he won a best supporting award from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) which, if we are not mistaken, is the Aussie equivalent for the Emmys.

Eamon Farren awards - aacta best supporting actor

To date, Eamon has starred in a total of 35 movies and TV shows including The Witcher and we are hoping he continues to expand his footprint in Hollywood because he is the kind of actor you can sympathize with as a protagonist and really hate as a villain. Like, we hated him when he was the baddie on The Witcher but softened up to him and liked him when he allied with one of the main characters. We’re pretty sure he (we mean his character) is gonna annoy us again though and that we’d be rooting against him when the next season comes. Haha.

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Brent Ray Fraser Painter, Artist, Model: Gay or Straight?

Brent Ray Fraser Painter Model. Let’s add Canadian artist Brent Ray Fraser to our list of men wearing women’s clothes. What do you think of his dress? We think it suits him nicely. We hope he has another photo wearing the dress above where he ain’t showing off his muscles. Will we ever see him wearing these male lingerie? One can only hope. Hehe.

brent ray fraser wearing womans dress

For those of you not paying attention to the news, Brent has made the headlines lately for his artworks painting using his “manhood”. We are not joking. Our Brent has found a way to distinguish himself from thousands of artists out there who toiled and toiled and toiled without catching the anyone’s attention.

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Men Wearing Bras: Sports and Celebrity Edition

Men Wearing Bras. Hello, Famewatchers! We made a list of famous male celebrities who were spotted wearing bras for you. Check it out and pick your favorite bra-wearin’ famous man, will yah?

Ben Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco. The two actors wore bras in the ABC sitcom Work It about guys who pretend to be women to keep their jobs as sales representatives. After much criticism and low ratings the show was cancelled after only two episodes.

men wearing bras - Ben Koldyke Amaury Nolasco - work it sitcom

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Brad Pitt Dress: Men Wearing Dresses Celebrity Edition

Brad Pitt Dress. When we first saw this photo of Brad Pitt wearing a dress, we were not sure whether it is real or whether it is a fan-made photoshop. After all, some talented superfans can be very “enthusiastic” when it comes to manipulating the images of their favorite celebrities.

brad pitt dress rolling stone

Anyhoo, we eventually we found out that the photo is the real deal. Apparently, our Hollywood A-Lister did a photoshoot for Rolling Stone Magazine which asked “Is Brad Pitt still hot when he’s wearing a dress?” Well, there are the result of the Brad Pitt dress photoshoot.

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Jimmy Fallon Shirtless Photos: Gay or Crossdressing Enthusiast?

Jimmy Fallon Young, Shirtless, and Underwear Photos. This post ain’t getting some love among you Famewatchers so we decided to update it to bring you some pics of our Jimmy as a youngin. He’s actually really, really cute back then which makes us understand why the gorgeous and fabulous Nicole Kidman wanted to hang with him at one time.

jimmy fallon young hunk

jimmy fallon young

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