Jim Parsons Underwear and Shirtless Photos

jim parsons shirtless - henry willson in hollywood

Jim Parsons Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Henry Willson in Hollywood. Boy did Jim Parsons deliver on the Netflix series Hollywood. Turns out he’s really a good actor. Who’d have thunk that the guy who truly annoyed us in Big Bang will truly make us hate his character on the Ryan Murphy show. If that isn’t proof of a good actor we don’t know what is. Anyhoo, here are shirtless photos of Jim as the hateable Henry Willson. First, he lives his fantasy as Isadora who dances from her groin.

Glen Powell Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless, Underwear Photos

glen powell gay - drag queen

Glen Powell Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless Scream Queens Hunk. Look who’s looking fabulous in his really short shorts? It’s actor Glen Powell! He tweeted the above photo to his Instagram followers (follow him @glenpowell) with the following message: A boy should be two things: classy and fabulous #thisisabaseballmovie.

Straight Drag Queens: Straight Men Who Do Drag

Barry Humphries. If you are not British or an Aussie, we’re pretty sure you are familiar with Dame Edna Everage but have not heard at all about the man behind the Dame who is one of the most famous drag queens in the world who retired in 2013 but un-retired this year and will be touring sometime in the future. Dame Edna is the creation of Barry Humphries who is very straight considering that he loves getting married to the ladies. He’s currently married to 4th wife Lizzie Spender since 1990.

straight drag queens - Barry Humphries aka dame edna

Young Peter Capaldi: Speedo-Wearing, Cross-Dressing Doctor Who

peter capaldi dressed as a woman

Peter Capaldi as Cross-Dressing Vera Reynolds. Look who’s looking pretty as a woman? It’s the newest Doctor Who that’s who, Mr. Peter Capaldi himself. Pic is from the ITV series Prime Suspect where the talented Scottish actor played the role of transvestite Vera Reynolds. His performance earned raves from critics and, in the eyes of our friend Deena, should have earned him an award.

Men in Womens Underwear: Jack Tweed and Friends

men in womens underwear - jack tweed and friends2

Men in Womens Underwear. Are you a man who love to wear women’s underwear? Don’t worry, dude. You are not alone. According to a recent Galaxy survey of 1100 Australians, seven percent of men admitted that they have worn a woman’s underwear. So that’s nearly one in ten Australian men who experimented with their underwear choices. Like, you know, Jack Tweed and his friends.