Rahul Kohli Shirtless + Underwear Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Today in celebrity bromance we bring you Rahul Kohli and Robert Buckley. The two star in The CW TV series, iZombie, Rahul as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and Robert as Major Lilywhite. According to their co-star Rose McIver, Rahul and Robert — shall we call them RobHul? — are in a “very serious bromance”.

rahul kohli gay with robert buckley

You sure can see that the two are comfortable with each other in their body language, no?

rahul kohli robert buckley gay bromance

More from zap2it.com about the RobHul bromance:

… Robert Buckley and Rahul Kohli are in the midst of a very serious bromance.

Series star Rose McIver spilled the beans to Zap2it at the 2015 winter press tour: “They live sight distance from each other and one night they actually …” It’s at this point that McIver realizes Buckley walking by.

“Buckley, I’m telling about how you and Rahul turned your flashlights on and had a code,” she tells him.

Buckley picks up the story: “With our iPhones, we’re like, ‘At 3:45, go to your window and turn the flashlight off and on.’ So we did, and we saw each other.”

“They’re like 12-year-old schoolboys,” McIver jokes. Buckey adds, “It’s like the movie ‘Step Brothers,’ except much better looking.”

Kohli and Buckley found their common ground in video games…

Rahul Kohli Shirtless Photo. Rahul is fairly new in Hollywood but he’s got some superfans who are raring to see him lose his clothes … such that they are photoshopping his face pics to come up with images like these:


Rahul shared the above on his Instagram account (follow him @rahulkohli13) with the following message:

Everything I’ve ever wanted to know about what happens on Tumblr, I learned from these 2 photos. I laughed for almost 15 minutes straight, I applaud you for making my Friday.

Rahul Kohli Gay or Has Girlfriend? Does Rahul have a girlfriend or maybe a boyfriend? Seems like he is single at the moment but maybe he’s keeping his relationship private and away from prying cameras. As for his gender preference, we’ll wait for the denizens of gayorstraight.com to weigh in on the issue.

Second Rahul Kohli Underwear Photo. By the way, you should not confuse Rahul Kohli of iZombie with another Rahul Kohli, a model/actor currently based in India who made his acting debut in a movie called Happy New Year. Here are some shirtless photos of the second Rahul modeling Calvin Klein boxer briefs underwear.


Another shirtless pic of the India-based Rahul:

Rahul Kohli shirtless - indian actor and model

Let’s end this post with the iZombie Rahul Kohli looking fabulous in his G-Star Raw outfits. Pic is courtesy of Just Jared Jr.


That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers.