Did Rock Hudson Really Have a Black Boyfriend?

Did Rock Hudson Really Have a Black Boyfriend? In Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood mini-series currently streaming on Netflix, the chiseled God that is Rock Hudson meets black screenwriter Archie Coleman and they fall in love with each other. Despite the fact that being gay was taboo at that time, the two were open about their relationship and defiantly walked the red carpet while holding hands despite some boos from the crowd.

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Because Archie Coleman is a fictional character, we know that the above scene actually never happened. However, did the Hollywood icon — who is masterfully played by Jake Picking — ever really date a black man? Did he defy the norms of the day twice over? First by being open about his sexuality — it is a fact that his gayness is an open secret in Hollywood — and second, by going out with a person of color?

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The answer? It is very unlikely that he ever dated a black man because it would have come out already 35 years after his death in 1985. Also, biographies written about the movie star identify his lovers and none of them are known to be people of color. Lastly, dating history website, whosdatedwho.com, has a list of the Academy-nominated actor’s boyfriends and partners and none of them are black.

Anyhoo, here’s a list of the late movie star’s male lovers and partners: Tom Clark (1981), Marc Christian (1980 – 1985), Jim Nabors (1970), Jack Coates (1967), Lee Garlington (1962 – 1965), Liberace, Anthony Perkins, Henry Willson, and George Nader. And check out the following photos of Rock chillin’ with three of his then lovers:

Lee Garlington. The movie extra/stockbroker claims that this is the only picture he had with Rock because the latter’s agent banned them from having their pictures taken together.

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Tom Clark. Tom and Rock met in 1964 and became lovers. According to the LA Times, “Clark moved into Hudson’s home, where he lived until 1983, and he later returned to help care for Hudson in the months before the movie star died of AIDS-related diseases.”


Marc Christian MacGinnis. After Rock’s death, Marc sued the actor’s estate for and won a multi-million award for having been exposed to AIDS by his erstwhile lover. The movie star only acknowledged that he had AIDS in 1985 or a year after he knew of the fact. In filing his case against the Hudson estate, Marc “contended that the star put him at risk of contracting the disease by concealing his illness and continuing to have sexual relations with him.” Although he tested negative of the virus, the jury believed him an awarded him ten million dollars.


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