Jake Picking Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend, Rock Hudson on Hollywood

Jake Picking Shirtless and Underwear Photos as Rock Hudson. We finally watched the series and we must say our boy Jake did a really great job as Rock Hudson. Because of his innocence, vulnerability, and general naivete, he is often the character in the show we’d like to reach across the screen and say, “There, there. Everything will be okay.”

We’re glad he stood up for himself at the end of the series and that things did turn out well for the character. Great job, Jake Picking! Anyhoo, here are shirtless and underwear photos we screencapped from the movie for the hos and THOTs among us here on Famewatcher who are fans of these kinda pics.

First, here’s Jake as Rock Hudson practicing how to audition with his boo Archie (played by Jeremy Pope):

jake picking underwear as rock hudson - hollywood netflix

jake picking rock hudson body

jake picking shirtless rock hudson - hollywood

On his agent Henry Willson’s direction, Rock attempts to trade a night for a movie role with studio executive Dick Samuels who rejects the transaction noting that they both are not themselves and that they should not be doing this. This is probably the most touched we were during the series.

jake picking body as rock hudson

Rock and boyfriend Archie were awakened when someone threw a molotov cocktail through their window.

jake picking underwear boxer shorts

More Jake Picking Shirtless Photos Because Why Not: An Update (25 April 2020). While we are awaiting for Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood series to stream and while we wonder whether it is going to be excellent (like American Crime Story) or ho-hum (like The Politician), here are more shirtless photos of the guy who will be playing the role of the Hollywood icon that is Rock Hudson.

jake picking underwear peekabo - abs

We should totally nominate Jake if there’s ever a competition for the World’s Best Abs. Not only that, we’d totally campaign for him too.

jake picking body - six pack abs

Ahh, kids these days! For some reason, our Jake got out of his car, stripped to his black boxer briefs underwear, run around, and shared his adventures on Instagram. Not that we are complaining or anything. We’re just telling you what he’s doing in these photos.

jake picking underwear boxer briefs

But then again, come to think of it, we’re pretty sure dropping ones trousers and running around in one’s undies (or nothing at all) is something that young people (not to mention old dudes) did as far back as, say, the days of Cain and Abel?

jake picking boxer briefs underwear stripping

Jake Picking Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend, Rock Hudson on Hollywood (29 September 2019). Aside from Jeremy Pope, another up-and-coming actor who’s been cast on the much anticipated Hollywood TV series on Netflix is 23-year-old actor Jake Picking.

Unlike Jeremy who is a total newbie in front of the camera, Jake has more IMDB credits under his belt. His acting gigs include being cast as the frat boy Cory in the 2016 movie Dirty Grandpa where he gets to act alongside the likes of Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza, and the great Hollywood icon that is Robert De Niro.

jake picking shirtless hot beach - dirty grandpa

Blessed with a square jaw like that and body that boasts eight pack abs, we can see why Ryan Murphy cast Jake for the role of the great Rock Hudson. NewNextNow reports on Jake’s casting:

Jake Picking will play closeted heartthrob Rock Hudson, and Jim Parsons will play Henry Willson, the talent agent who discovered the Oscar-nominated Giant hunk. Willson was the subject of the 2005 biography The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson.

Congrats to Jake on his latest gig and we’re looking forward to his newest show. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Ryan Murphy will go all out and recreate Hudson’s gay fabulousness with scenes that somewhat look like this.

rock hudson jake picking - with george nader

Anyhoo, let’s check out more Jake Picking shirtless gorgeousness courtesy of Dirty Grandpa where our guy gets competitive with De Niro as to who is the better beer chugger?

jake picking shirtless hot - dirty grandpa - beer chugging

The two also kinda get physical with each other with some arm shoving and light punching. Come on, frat boy Cory haven’t you heard anything about not getting physical with a senior citizen?

Jake Picking Gay, Girlfriend, Social Media. What’s Jake’s status at the moment? Is he dating anyone? Does he have a girlfriend? Or is he gay like Rock Hudson and does he have a boyfriend?

Well, he is straight and he does have a girlfriend, an Instagram model/influencer named Fiona Barron. Here’s a photo of the two from a red carpet event. Want more Jake Picking? You can follow him on Instagram @jakepicking.

jake picking girlfriend fiona barron

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