Craig Conover Gay or Straight? Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Craig Conover Gay or Straight? Did you know that there is more to Bravo TV than the Housewives franchise? Apparently, it airs a show called Southern Charms which stars this looker named Craig Convoer. Check him out:


How hawt is he? We stopped watching Bravo after Kathy Griffin’s ended. Maybe we should have stuck around to watch the gorgeousness of Craig Conover on Southern Charm.


Hmm. He sure loves him his Calvin Klein underwear. For more men in Calvin Klein, check out this hot gynecologist Dr. Manuel Rico.

Is Craig Conover Gay or Straight? You’d assume Craig is gay because Bravo TV is kinda for the ladies and gheys but he is actually straight.

The pic below is kinda gay though. Seriously, how bendy is our guy? He sure can give Phoebe Buffay a run for her money when it comes to bendiness, no? [Our friend Kevin says our reference is dated because millenials know nothing about Phoebe Buffay. Well, then they should do more research. Hehe.]

craig conover gay or straight hunks

Like the image above, the next pic below is also kinda gay. In fact, if Craig pulled down his pants by just one inch, we’d declare him totally absolutely gay. Hehe.

craig conover gay pants

Craig Conover Girlfriend. The Southern Charm charmer is dating this pretty girl named Naomie Olindo.


He really is good lookin’ ain’t he?


More about Craig from his Bravo profile: “Craig Conover graduated from Indian River High School in 2006 and grew up in Dagsboro, Delaware. He recently graduated from the Charleston School of Law. He earned his undergraduate degree with a bachelor’s in business from the College of Charleston, and worked as a law clerk to the personal injury firm Anastopoulo Law Firm. His little brother Christopher has a very positive influence in Craig’s life and is currently receiving his master’s degree in business in Baltimore, MD.”

According to reports, Craig still has to take the bar exam. If he does and if he passes, we’d include him in our list of very hot male lawyers.