Hot Lawyers Male Edition: 10 Handsome Legal Practitioners – Survivor CBS

Shirtless Hot Lawyers Male Edition on CBS’s Survivor. You didn’t think we’d blog about female lawyers and not post a similar thing about their male counterparts, didn’t you?

We are not gonna do that coz it would not be fair to our girl Famewatchers. So, here’s our list of Ten Legal Eagles Who Flew the Survivor Skies. Some flew high, some flew low, and some got their wings clipped by their enemies and didn’t do no flying at all. If you are wondering whatever happened to these Survivor hunks’ legal careers since their island adventure, you are one lucky guy/girl because we’d be providing updates on that too.

Anyhoo, let’s begin our list with the hottest Survivor lawyer of them all with the impossibly good-looking Matt Quinlan of Survivor One World.

hot lawyers male - matt quinlan - survivor one world

So what’s Mr. Number One in our hot lawyers list doing now? Matt continues to practice law as a San Francisco personal injury lawyer. He established his own boutique personal injury law firm, The Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan, in the San Francisco Bay Area. For those who are wondering, our Matt graduated from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Charlie Herschel of Survivor Gabon had some kind of a bromance going on with Dr. Marcus Lehman (see Hot Doctors Male Edition) during their Survivor gig. Now, he is married to architect Kent Gould. According to the NY Times, our Survivor Gabon winner works as a legal manager in the Manhattan office of American Express. Charlie obtained his law degree from Fordham University where he graduated cum laude.

Charlie Herschel - survivor china

Jaison Robinson of Survivor Samoa was a law student at the University of Chicago Law School when he competed on the show. He went on to finish his law degree, which makes him a bonafide member of our Survivor hot lawyers (not just a prospective one), and is now practicing law in California.

hot lawyers - Jaison Robinson - survivor samoa

Andrew Savage of Survivor Pearl Islands earned his Juris Doctorate in law from the University of Cincinnati. Fun fact about Andrew: Did you know that he was a lead attorney for The Jerry Springer Show in Chicago? Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! We’ve no update on what he is doing now but it would be safe to assume that he’s practicing law in Chicago which was what he was doing before signing on to be a Survivor castaway.

hot lawyers male - andrew savage in boxers underwear - survivor pearl islands

Brad Culpepper of Survivor Blood vs. Water. We actually wrote a post on this football-pro-turned-lawyer. Go check it out: Brad Culpepper Shirtless. As we mentioned in the post we linked to, Brad finished his law degree at the University of Florida College of Law in Gainesville. He has a personal injury law firm, Culpepper Kurland, in Tampa, Florida.

hot male lawyers - brad culpepper

David Murphy of Survivor Redemption Islands is a criminal defense attorney who took his JD at the Seton Hall University School of Law. In 2010, he established his own firm, the Law Offices of David M. Murphy, which he continues to run to this day.

hot male lawyers - david murphy - survivor redemption island

Yul Kwon of Survivor Cook Islands. Yul is our favorite Survivor castaway ever because he was strategic. Is he the first lawyer to win Survivor? His post-Survivor career includes working as a special correspondent for the CNN series Uncovering America and hosting the PBS show, America Revealed. Yul finished his JD at Yale Law School.

yul kwon - survivor cook islands

Dan Kay of Survivor Gabon is a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Law. He’s our second imaginary lawyer-boyfriend after the Gorgeous Attorney Quinlan. Hehehe. What is Dan doing now? Maybe you can tell us. Seems like he doesn’t have any social media account where we can get some updates.

dan kay - survivor gabon

Alex Angarita of Survivor Fiji. Harvard Law School graduate Alex Angarita is now an actor with five acting credits to his name. He also founded Top3Academy which seeks to “bridge the gap between academic and professional success by motivating our clients to discover and express their innate skills as a complement to the academic skills and core subjects already covered by traditional education”.

shirtless lawyers - Alex Angarita - survivor-fiji2

Bobby Mason of Survivor Panama finished his law degree at Stanford Law School. Bob is a member of the American and California Bar Associations, Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association, Black Sports Agents Association, National Association of Record Industry Professionals and Los Angeles Music Network.

shirtless lawyers - Bobby Mason - survivor panama

So who of these Survivor lawyers is your favorite and who would you bring home to mama? Also, how do these law practitioners compare to the hot male doctors we linked to above?

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