Jose Mourinho Shirtless: Young – Then and Now – Manchester United Football Manager

Jose Mourinho Shirtless Photos. Time to add a hunky dad to our list of hot dads aka hot men in their 40s+. Famewatchers, meet Jose Mourinho. He is the manager of the Premier League club Manchester United and we guess we can say that he is the hottest football manager these days.

Seriously, can any current football manager “out-hot” The Special One? If you have anyone in mind, do tell in the comments.

jose mourinho hot guy with nips

Them nips sure is making our friend Deena tingle. Joke. Joke.

Now, here are some pics for the pervs among you who are googling “jose mourinho shirtless”. Consider your wish fulfilled. Thank us, your fairy godmothers, in the comments.

jose mourinho shirtless football manager

But wait, there’s more! We grabbed the next photo below from the silver daddy’s Instagram account. He ain’t posting much but you might still want to follow him at @josemourinho.

jose mourinho shirtless sexy pic

And, here’s our favorite Jose Mourinho shirtless photo which was snapped when he was much younger.

jose mourinho shirtless young

Speaking of young Jose, here are more pics of him from years back. He sure is a gorgeous guy, no?

jose mourinho hot and young

If his career in football — either as a player or a football manager — did not pan out, we’re pretty sure he coulda been a male model. And he would not just be a model, he’d be a supermodel in the level of David Gandy.

jose mourinho sexy young man

Whether young or old, whether shirtless or dressed in a suit or whatever it is he’s wearing, there is no question that our Jose is effin’ hawt and effin’ shaggable.

jose mourinho sexy suit

We saved the best Jose Mourinho photo for last. It goes without saying that it is our favoritest Mourinho pic of them all. Why, you ask? Come on, now. The answer is obvious ain’t it?

jose mourinho bulge hot guy in his 50s

Who is the hawter silver-haired football daddy — Jose Mourinho or Gary Lineker? Deena says its Jose while Kevin picked Lineker. We can’t break the tie because we like them both. Haha.