Apollo Nida Shirtless, Going Gay, Gym Selfie Workouts

Apollo Nida Shirtless Photos. He may be in trouble with the law and is headed to prison for bank fraud but boy don’t we love him when he takes his shirts off. The man’s a hunk and you know us here at Famewatcher, we love us our hunks particularly those like Apollo who go to the gym but are not overly buffed. Nothing turns us off more than gymrats who overdo it.

Want more celebrity workout?

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Gym Shorts For Men and Boys: Style and Price Tips

Gym Shorts for Men and Boys. Looking for tips on what shorts to wear to your first ever trip to the gym? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got tips for you.

The first tip? Don’t ever ever wear jean shorts or jorts like the one David Beckham is wearing in the photo above. Why, you ask? First of all, this is not the 1980s. Secondly, them jorts are uncomfortable and could restrict your movement and blood circulation. Thirdly, well, your ugly tight jorts can rip apart when you are doing your squats.

gym workout underwear

Also, don’t wear underwear to go to the gym. But why is Cristiano Ronaldo wearing his undies while working out, you ask? Because he can afford to have his own private gym, that’s why.

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Derek Theler Gay or Straight? Single or Married (With Girlfriend)?

derek theler shirtless - baby daddy

Wanna know how Baby Daddy star Derek Theler got that shagalicious body? He worked out of course! He shared some of his fitness secrets in an interview with Men’s Fitness Magazine (mensfitness.com):

Men’s Fitness: How’d you get into fitness?
Derek Theler: I’m actually a Type 1 diabetic, so growing up, I had to eat pretty healthy. My father was really big into weightlifting, and I picked it up pretty quickly. I wound up getting my degree in sports medicine and nutrition because I wanted to work in the medical field. But I wound up taking a trip to Los Angeles and decided being an actor sounds pretty cool, too. So now it’s a part of my job to look as good as I can!

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Jason Statham Workout Routine + Washboard Abs Photo

Jason Statham Workout Routine + Washboard Abs Photo. We’ve seen Jason Statham’s leather jacket but have we seen his washboard abs? Well, now we do, courtesy of Men’s Health magazine which featured him as its cover boy.

jason statham workout

If you are wondering how our Jason got that abtastic body, well here’s his workout routine. Or this is how we imagine his routine to be.

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Chuck Liddell Watch: Panerai Luminor + His Workout Video

Chuck Liddell Watch: Panerai Luminor (05 October 2010). If this blog is about girl watching, we would say that the most interesting part of this picture would be the ho-ish girl. However, since we are about watch watching, the most interesting part is actually the watch on MMA fighter Chuck Liddell.

chuck liddell watch

In case you are wondering, Chuck is wearing a Panerai Luminor watch like the one owned by Orlando Bloom.

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Mandisa Weight Loss: Before and After Photos

Mandisa Weight Loss: Before and After Photos. Is this really Mandisa of American Idol? We’re glad to know she did some stuff to lose weight. She reportedly lost 80 pounds according to ETOnline. We can no longer remember what season she’s from but we remember this girl because she’s a really good singer. Mandisa reportedly lost weight while recording her upcoming album True Beauty.

mandisa weight loss before and after

Says Mandisa of how she lost weight: “When I was recording that album, I started to do the work necessary to be set free: changing my eating habits. No particular diet, just eating healthy. I started working with a personal trainer and a counselor who specializes in eating disorders. I have lost 80 pounds since I started recording.”

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