Apollo Nida Shirtless, Going Gay, Gym Selfie Workouts

Apollo Nida Shirtless Photos. He may be in trouble with the law and is headed to prison for bank fraud but boy don’t we love him when he takes his shirts off. The man’s a hunk and you know us here at Famewatcher, we love us our hunks particularly those like Apollo who go to the gym but are not overly buffed. Nothing turns us off more than gymrats who overdo it.

Want more celebrity workout?

Apollo Nida Workout. Wanna know how our hunk develops the body of a Greek god? Well, here’s a glimpse of his workout routine.

He may not be a millenial but he sure loves to take selfies. We’re not complaining. In fact, we appreciate his self-pics. If only he takes a photo of himself in his underwear so we will know whether he likes briefs or boxers. Haha.

What do you call this workout? A pull-up bar workout? Or a chin bar workout? Care to explain the difference?

Apollo sent his Instagram followers a-tittering when he shared the next photo below (you can follow him at @apollonida03).

Here’s what Instagrammers are saying about Apollo’s impressive ahem:

kalon_67: I’m bow leged to just. Happy that he’s back on his page?

deealanda: Great minds think alike. First thing I saw was that pipe looking like its ready to buss. Lol. OMG and he little bow-legged. My Gawd he fine. *mouth watering*. #yeaiknowisoundthirstyrightnow.

kalon_67: Lol. Ur sol right.

iambadman89: good gwad

ms_marcia_b: @deealanda lmao me toooo lol sheesshh

editorialprincess: Phaedra is my fav, but geez her man tho! #umhum

Apollo Nida Going Gay: The next photo is just so gay. In fact, it is very, very, very gay. Maybe Evil Phaedra is just preparing her (ex)hubby in case someone drops a soap in prison. Don’t the boys scouts say something about preparedness being next to godliness?

Ahh Apollo! You sure are an attractive guy. We sure hope that, if you do go to prison, you’ll have the time to workout and keep yourself toned and fit.

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