Gym Shorts For Men and Boys: Style and Price Tips

Gym Shorts for Men and Boys. Looking for tips on what shorts to wear to your first ever trip to the gym? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got tips for you.

The first tip? Don’t ever ever wear jean shorts or jorts like the one David Beckham is wearing in the photo above. Why, you ask? First of all, this is not the 1980s. Secondly, them jorts are uncomfortable and could restrict your movement and blood circulation. Thirdly, well, your ugly tight jorts can rip apart when you are doing your squats.

gym workout underwear

Also, don’t wear underwear to go to the gym. But why is Cristiano Ronaldo wearing his undies while working out, you ask? Because he can afford to have his own private gym, that’s why.

Sure, if you are working out at home or if you have your own personal gym, you can wear undies while lifting weights or whatever workout routines you do. But don’t ever, ever wear underwear while working out in a public gym. This applies to any kind of underwear — even the underwear-as-outerwear kind that some guys want to wear. Don’t wear gym shorts that are too revealing is what we are saying.

So what style of gym shorts should you wear when you go for your workout? Get something comfortable and something that does not restrict your movements. You know, like this Number Labs gym shorts for men worn by male model Nathan Owens. [Price tag info tip for Number Labs gym shorts: It costs US$90 according to GQ Magazine.]

gym shorts - number labs usd90 - nathan owens

Your gym shorts should allow you to do anything — like this leg-raise-on-wall routine — without any restriction or discomfort. [Price tag tip: Marc by Marc Jacobs gym shorts costs US$98.]

gym shorts - m by mjacobs 98usd

Teen Wolf actor Cody Christian working out in his gym shorts. Nice, nice baby!

cody christiam gym shorts hunk - teen wolf

Gym shorts for men can be above-the-knee short shorts like Cristiano’s outfit in the next pic below.

gym shorts for men - cristiano

Very short gym shorts from the Michael Bastian Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

gym shorts for men - mbastian ss14

Or they can be longer like David Beckham’s gym shorts for his H&M Bodywear collection.


Of course, they can also be longer like this one on male model John Micklow.

gym shorts - john micklow

The most important things about gym shorts is that they are comfortable and not restrict your workout moves. Right, Angelo Garcia?