Brody Jenner Tattoo and Other Cool Celebrity Body Arts

brody jenner tattoo body

Brody Jenner Tattoo and Other Cool Celebrity Body Arts. Looking for hot and cool celebrity tattoos? Well, check out this compilation of our previous blog entries on male celebrities and their tattoos. Who of these guys have cool tattoo designs that you’d like to be inked on yourself? Hey look, hunky dude Brody Jenner got himself some tattoo (okay, okay I really don’t know when he had it so maybe this is old news hehe). But what kind of tattoo is that? Maybe he usually forgets his name so he had it tattooed on his body?

David Cook Shirtless, Underwear, Tattoos, and Wife Rachel

david cook tattoo biceps

David Cook Shirtless, Dancing in His Underwear, Wife. Ten years later, we are updating this post to note that David Cook is now a married man. Actually, he’s been a married man since 2015 when reported that the American Idol winner was spotted wearing a wedding ring.

Hot Male Body Painting: Superheroes, Celebrities in Jeans for Genes

hot male body painting - canadian flag

Hot Male Body Painting Update: Superheroes, Celebrities, Patriotic Flags, and Jeans for Genes. When we wrote the post below way back in 2009, we mentioned that we are weirded out by body painting. But, over the years, we’ve come to appreciate the creativity of people who do this kind of thing. Our friend Deena calls it the “very definition of living art” and we think she’s got a point. Anyhoo, we decided to update this post to bring you more beautiful body paintings. Let us start with this patriotic art featuring the Canadian flag: