Celebrity Tank Top Shirts: Classic White Muscle Shirts

Celebrity Tank Top Shirts: Classic White Muscle Shirts. Let us add more photos to our list of celebrities who love them their tank tops, or athletic shirts, or muscle shirts, or whatever term people in the world call sleeveless shirts. Oh, did you know it’s also called wifebeater? What a weird word for a shirt, no?

Anyhoo, this time, we are focusing on the classic white athletic shirts because they remind us of what our grandpapa used to wear. Hehe.

First up, here’s Matt Bomer looking cool and hot AF in his white shirt and sweatpants.

celebrity tank top shirts 2015 - matt bomer

If you have biceps like David Witts we won’t be offended if you wear nothing but blue jeans and white tank tops.

classic white tank top shirt david witts

Steven Strait’s face looks cute and innocent but also looks like a badass as he flicks his cigarette in a bottle.

steven strait hot tank top shirt

Martin Henderson’s eyes is giving us goosies of the good kind.

celebrity tank top shirts martin henderson

Jonathan Groff is sweaty AF.

jonathan groff - looking - white tank top shirt

David Oyelowo aka our imaginary British boyfriend looks serious (but cool) in the pic below.

David Oyelowo sexy in tank top - pic by anne marie fox

Ben McKenzie proves that it is not a fashion crime if you walk around town wearing a muscle shirt.

classic white tank tops ben mckenzie

Celebrity Tank Top Shirts and Jeans: John Mayer, Cheyenne Jackson (11 November 2011). Today in tank top shirts for men, we bring you John “My P* is a Racist” Mayer wearing a white singlet shirt by Rick Owens. We like the shirt but those goddamn tattoos on John are just too much.

celebrity tank top shirt john mayer sexy

Pics of John wearing a Rick Owens long sleeve shirts below.

celebrity tank top john mayer

celebrity tank top rick owens

Tank Tops and Jeans: Cheyenne Jackson, American Actor (12 January 2010). We here at Famewatcher love us our Cheyenne Jackson, so let’s do another post on him. Cheyenne was only wearing his white short boxers the last time we ogled at him. This time, check him out in his tank tops and jeans combo:


Want more of this gorgeous guy? Go check our post on Cheyenne Jackson Underwear.

celebrity tank top shirts cheyenne

Isn’t he the cutest?

Celebrity Tank Tops Shirts cheyenne jackson

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