Celebrity Gucci Shoes: Famous Men Wearing Gucci

Celebrity Gucci Shoes: Famous Men Wearing Gucci. Of course Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo ain’t the only famous man out there who love him his Gucci shoes. You think only the ladies like famous Italian brands? No way, Jose.

Anyhoo, here are four celebrities who were spotted wearing Gucci shoes.

First up, British comic and late night TV host James Corden is casually walking in his Gucci shoes, polo shirt, and blue jeans. Hmmm, looks like he is actually in a Gucci store, no? Look at them little bags at the back!

celebrity gucci shoes - famous men wearing gucci - james corden

Reality star Jon Gosselin loves him his Guccis too. Whatever happened to this guy? We hope he’s living a normal life now.

celebrity gucci shoes - famous men wearing gucci - jon gosselin

Is Justin Timberlake trying to give “Sad Keanu” a run for his meme money?

celebrity gucci shoes - famous men wearing gucci - justin timberlake

Frank Ocean wore a pair of very noticeable Gucci sneakers — specifically the Gucci Ace Low-Top “Flames” — on the cover of his album. If the label didn’t pay him to do this, they should because he kinda promoted them.

frank ocean gucci shoes

Gucci Shoes for Men: Top Designer Shoes – Tom Lander and Korell (9 November 2010). Baby-faced British male model Tom Lander pairs up with a model named Korell for this photoshoot for Gucci Shoes. We are intrigued and confused with their use of cute little baby goats as props but we’d like to think that its a pre-emptive move before PETA accuses them of ignoring animal rights for fashion or something like that.

gucci shoes for men korrell

Anyhoo, what do you think of Gucci shoes? Have you ever owned a pair? Are they good and of durable quality? Or did you buy them for their label/name and was disappointed that it didn’t live up to its “top designer label” hype.

gucci shoes for men tom lander

Seriously, what’s up with Gucci shoes and baby goats?

gucci mens shoes

Oh, by the by, if you know more about Korell the model, do tell us more about him in the comments. So far, the internets have not much info about the baldish hunk.

Cristiano Ronaldo Shoes: He’s Walking in His Guccis (5 September 2010). What shoes is the fashion-conscious footballer Cristiano Ronaldo wearing in these photos? The Real Madrid footballer is wearing a Gucci nylon and suede web stripe sneakers.

gucci shoes for men cristiano

gucci shoes for men cristiano ronaldo

Get a fuller view of this designer athletic shoes below. It’s a good shoe for kicking ass, no?

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