Canada Olympic Kayak Team: Shirtless Hunky Athletes

Canada Olympic Kayak Team: Shirtless Hunky Athletes. Look who’s looking like 1990s Baywatch boys David Hasselhoff and Jason Momoa? Some guys from Canada, that’s who. Specifically, some guys from the Canada Olympic team.

canada olympic kayak team shirtless body

They — that’s Gabriel Sevigny and Ian Mortimer above and Mark Oldershaw and Andrew Russell below — have got themselves some really red shorts which so reminds us of that Haselhoff beefcake/cheesecake television show we enjoyed watching. Hehe.

Looking for another hot Canadian kayaking hunk athlete? Check out our earlier post on Adam Van Koeverden [see our post below].


Adam van Koeverden Settles for Silver
26 August 2008

Adam van Koeverden Olympic Medal

It’s not the gold that Canada expected but the silver medal brought home by Adam van Koeverden is great too. In fact, Adam is reportedly happy with it especially after his not so good performance in the 1,000 metre race. Congratulations Adam!

By the way, who do you think is hotter? Adam or Alex Despatie? Shall we agree that they’re equally hot? Here are some hottie pictures of Adam for those of you “lascivious” people googling “Adam van Koeverden hottie” or “Adam van Koeverden naked”.

Adam van Koeverden shirtless

Hello, hairless washboard abs!

Adam van Koeverden body

Speaking of Canadian hotties, don’t miss our post on our favorite Canadian diver ever, the gifted Alex Despatie.

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