Caleb Ruminer Shirtless: Gay or Has Girlfriend – Finding Carter Actor

caleb ruminer hot

Who is the really cute guy in the photo above? Well fellow Famewatchers, let us introduce you to Caleb Ruminer, one of the up-and-coming young actors who are working their way up the Hollywood ladder. A few years from now, it would be interesting to see whether these young actors have taken a bigger slice of the Hollywood pie. [Want more young Hollywood actors? Go check out our post on the young muscle hunk that is Miguel Gomez.]

caleb ruminer actor - finding carter

Caleb currently stars in a new MTV series called Finding Carter. He plays the role of Crash described by the Hollywood Reporter as “the ultimate bad boy who has spent time at juvenile detention and charms Carter”.

Finding Carter is actually the second acting gig for Caleb. According to IMDB, he played the role of the young John Henson in the TV series Castle.

How Old Is Caleb Ruminer? He is 21 years old according to his profile. We also know from said profile that he is from Little Rock, Arkansas (does this mean he is Bill Clinton’s townmate?), that he is pretty tall at 6’3″ (sorry you have to do your own conversion), that he is a natural blondie, that his body type is “athletic”, and that his eyes are colored blue-green.

Caleb Ruminer Shirtless Photo. This is the closest thing to a shirtless photo you can find of Caleb. He’s not actually shirtless but there’s an illusion that he is. If you want more shirtless pics, pray that the powers-that-be will require his character to chuck off his shirt in Finding Carter. After all, TV bad boys usually go shirtless, right? Hehe.

Caleb is with the youth-focused Savage Agency according to the Hollywood Reporter.

caleb ruminer shirtless

Is Caleb Ruminer Gay? Or Does He Have a Girlfriend? It won’t be a Famewatcher profile if we don’t ask Kevin’s “gay or has girlfriend” question, right? So, is Caleb gay? Most likely not because we found this photo of him and this girl who may be his girlfriend.

caleb ruminer girlfriend

If that ain’t a picture of two people in a loving relationship we don’t know what is.

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers. We plan to update this post as we find out more about Caleb. If you know more info about him that would be interesting to all of us — like does he really have a girlfriend, what’s the name of his girlfriend, his family, etc., etc. — do share said information in the comments. Danke!