Ricci Guarnaccio Gay or Girlfriend: Celebrity Big Brother Hunk

Oh my! Turns out there will be more than one man-candy on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother. We thought we’ll be focusing our two eyes only on the gorgeous and beautifully sculpted David McIntosh but he’s got a rival in the person of Ricci Guarnaccio who’s got some awesome abs as well. So we got no choice but to also keep an eye on Ricci. Ain’t this the body of a sea god rising from his underwater kingdom?


Ricci must have been inspired by Daniel Craig’s iconic James Bond scene, no?

Ricci Guarnaccio Underwear Photos. When it comes to a “posing in their underwear” contest, it looks like David has Ricci easily beat since the former has modeled in various underwear brands while we can’t find any underwear pic for the latter. Well, we did find this one where our Geordie Shore hunk wears a pair of squarecut swimsuit.


But wait… although Ricci has less underwear photos, we do see him in a thong underwear and, according to our friend Kevin, “a photo of a man in one thong underwear is equal to five photos of another guy in other styles of underwear”.

Here’s Ricci and his Geordie Shore mates (Gaz Beadle, Daniel Thomas-Tuck, and Scott Timlin) posing in nothing but a pair thong bikini underwear. Why are they doing this? They are apparently posing for a photoshoot for a Now Magazine Christmas issue. Brave boys, huh?


You want the video version of said photoshoot? Watch:

More about Ricci from metro.co.uk:

Famous for: Starring in Geordie Shore.

What else you might know him for: Being engaged to fellow GS star Vicky Pattison, being kicked out of the GS house after alcohol-fuelled arguments and his ego.

Reality TV virgin?: No. As well as Geordie Shore he judged MTV Australia’s ‘World Class Beauty’ of the Year, which involved lots of girls in bikinis. He also appeared on MTV’s Ex On The Beach.

What’s he going to talk about?: His good looks.

Is Ricci Guarnaccio Gay or Does He Have a Girlfriend? He is straight but we want him to go gay for David McIntosh. Wouldn’t it be cool (and hawt, hawt, hawt) if the two hunks hook up for the camera? They’d make TV history should that happen.

Ricci is dating Georgia Kousoulou of The Only Way is Essex according to the Daily Mail. He was engaged to Geordie Shore castmate Vicky Pattison but the two eventually called it quits.