Miguel Gomez Shirtless, Washboard Abs, Girlfriend

Miguel Gomez Shirtless Photos (2020 Update). Six years later, we are updating this post to bring you more shirtlessness from our Colombian hunk and to happily note that he has managed to establish himself as a legit actor in Hollywood. He starred as the boxer Miguel Escobar in the 2015 Jake Gyllenhaal movie Southpaw. He was also one of the leads in the short-lived but critically acclaimed Showtime series SMILF. And you should watch out for him in the upcoming ABC drama Harlem’s Kitchen. Yay! We are so stoked for Miguel.

Anyhoo, here are some shirtless GIFs of the actor from SMILF. Those abs, damn! The guy sure is very much in shape, ain’t he? Want more celebrity washboard abs?

miguel gomez shirtless body - smilf

miguel gomez smilf body

Miguez Gomez Shirtless Photos. The Strain is a new TV show in town which is getting excellent reviews. Currently with 15 TV reviewers chiming in, the new FX show — scheduled to premiere this coming Tuesday (July 13) — boasts of a 93% “fresh rating” on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s a big endorsement which is why we will be watching the premiere when it airs. Another, arguably more important, reason why we look forward to this show is the guycandy in the person of Latino hunk Miguel Gomez. Check him out below. There’s something wrong with your eyes, if you see the pic and not say, “Hubba! Hubba!” Hehe.

miguel gomez shirtless body the strain

Miguel is really, really new in the TV world but this is not his first acting gig. In fact back in 2012, he played the role of a lifeguard in another FX show, Louis CK’s Louie. Check out these still photos from his Louie appearance:

miguel gomez gay - latino hunk on louie

Hubba! Hubba!

miguel gomez gay or straight - lifeguard - louie

Miguel is a regular cast member in The Strain and he will be playing the role of Augustin “Gus” Elizalde. According to deadline.com Gus is a “badass gangbanger whose one redeeming trait is his love for his mother. Fresh out of juvenile hall after serving 18 months for manslaughter, he becomes one of humanity‚Äôs most effective warriors in the struggle against the vampires.”

Here’s the promo material for Miguel as Gus:

Miguel Gomez as Augustin Gus Elizalde in the strain

According to IMDB, Miguel’s other acting gigs are: Bless Me, Ultima (a war drama released in February this year), The Domino Effect (released in 2012), Southpaw (a boxing movie which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams), and Pacific Standard Time. The last two movies are still in the filming stage with no date of release yet.

Miguel Gomez as the rapper Aztek Escobar. Although he’s relatively new as an actor, Miguel has been rapping since 2005 as Aztek Escobar. We learn more about Miguel/Aztek’s rapping caeer in this interview excerpt from latinrapper.com:

LatinRapper.com: Many people, myself included, don’t really know anything about you. How long have you been rhyming, and where did you come up?
I grew up rhyming off five years, I’m from all over Houston. I aint representing Northside, East Side, West Side, South Side. I lived all over there, I just represent Houston.

Would you say you’re well known in Houston?
Yeah, definitely, I had big buzz in Houston before any of this. To the point where the DJs were playing my freestyles during their mixshow on the radio. They were doing that for no other artist.

Most people assume you’re Mexican from your pseudonym, but you’re Colombian, correct?
Yeah, I’m Colombian . I got the name Aztek because I been real strong with Mexican people, and a lot of Mexicans in Houston. An OG Mexican had given me the name because he said I was a warrior. And Aztec, an old tribe, they used some guerilla tactics, I was always fighting so he called me Little Aztek. When he passed away, I took that name as a real personal thing. But I always had a real strong bond with the Mexican people.

Big Question: How does an up and coming MC from Houston end up getting signed by Jay Z to the Roc?
Well, I cant speak for all the artist in Houston, but as far as me, I never took no for an answer. I never doubted myself, I knew who I was. I hustled, any means necessary, I did what I had to do to get where I’m at. A lot of Houston people in general have that hustler spirit in them, it’s no surprise that Houston is blowing up the way it is, its about time its due.

So you’ve done at least one track with Jay-Z, what are some of the other collaborations you’ve been involved with so far?
I aint really done no collaboration with anyone yet, to tell the truth. I could do no collaborations the rest of my life, the song with Jay-Z, I’d be completely satisfied [having done only that]. There are a lot of artists id like to work with.

For whatever reason/s, Miguel’s rap career did not blow up despite getting signed with Jay-Z’s Roc La Familia label. Well, what’s that saying about when God closes a door, he opens another one? Maybe, Miguel is really destined to be a successful actor not a rapper. Maybe another opportunity will knock again and he’ll find himself recording a song with Pitbull?

Before we end this post, here are more shirtless photos of Miguel Gomez to remind you of his hunkiness and why you should watch his upcoming TV show. We grabbed these pics from his myspace account (myspace.com/aztekescobar).

miguel gomez shirtless actor - the strain

What a stud!

Miguel Gomez - actor - shirtless - underwear waistband - aztec escobar

Apparently his brand of choice when it comes to underwear is Calvin Kleins.

Miguel Gomez - aztec escobar - shirtless photo

Notice his tattoos? Those are classy. This is how tattoos should be done. They should enhance your look not mar your body. Now, does our Latino hottie have a girlfriend? We don’t know at this point but we will update this post in the future if we have any information about his relationship status or whether he is dating anyone.

Miguel is 28 years old (born 20 August 1985). He’s originally from Santiago de Cali, Colombia but currently lives in Houston, Texas.

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