Brian Sims Shirtless, Boyfriend Brandon McMullin, and Football Photos

Brian Sims Shirtless Photos. Who’s the handsome hunky guy in a pair of tight tank top shirt with a kinda girly drink? The bearded hunk, fellow Famewatcher, is Democratic Congressman Brian Sims. He represents 182nd district in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

In earlier posts, we lamented that Republicans are outscoring their Democratic rivals in the “Hotness Department” but Brian is proof that Dems can be just as hawt, hawt, hawt.

brian sims athletic shirt

Our hunky Brian is the first openly gay dude to be elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Is he married? Does he have a boyfriend? Is he dating? And who’s the guy with Brian with in the images below?

The cutie, for those of you wondering, is Brian’s boyfriend/partner Brandon McMullin. We can’t find any report that they got married so obviously they are still on that dating stage. We’ll update this post with wedding photos when these two eventually tie the knot.

brian sims boyfriend and partner Brandon McMullin2

They sure look happy together!

Brian played football in college and, according to ESPN, is the first college football captain to come out as gay while still playing. And, apparently, his teammates were very supportive of him when they found out about Brian’s gayness.

brian sims football - defensive lineman for Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania2

From “Sims said because he was a good player many of his teammates found the positive side of having an openly gay man on their team.

“It became a funny sense of pride for a lot of my teammates and close friends,” Sims said. “Pennsylvania is not an extremely liberal state, especially central Pennsylvania. Football players are not what I would consider particularly exposed people, especially college football players. But I think it became a sense of pride for all of them. ‘Not only is this guy an All-Conference player, and not only is he a starter, and not only is he a good friend of mine, but I’m all right with the fact that he’s gay.’ And I started seeing a lot of that.”

Sims remembered one night when he was on a date. They were sitting in the back of the room at a candlelit table enjoying a quiet evening. Several of his teammates came in and were sharing some drinks at the bar. Out of Sims’ earshot, one of the other patrons apparently made a comment about the two fags on date.

“Three or four guys on my team literally picked him up and threw him out the door,” Sims said.

Many of his teammates came to him over the coming months, pulling him aside to privately apologize for anything they may have said over the years that offended him. He specifically remembered a 6-foot-3, 350-pound teammate “crying his eyes out” thinking he may have offended Brian in the past. “It was very affirming for me,” Brian said.

Brian Sims Shirtless Photos. Now, here are the Brian Sims shirtless pics that some of you — especially our friend Kevin — are looking for. He’s kind of an older version of ANTM and DWTS winner Nyle DiMarco, no?

brian sims shirtless gay congressman

Someone’s enjoying the sea and sun!

brian sims shirtless

Brian Sims has a twin brother named Nate Sims who is straight. Here’s a photo of the Sims twinnies. So, who between these two is the cuter brother?

brian sims twin brother nate - now married with kids

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