Brazilian Male Underwear Models: Oscar, Diego Amaral, Elvis Fernando

Brazilian Male Underwear Models. Okay, we think its time we update this post with another Brazilian hottie and, this time, we are bringing you Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior (simply known as Oscar) who starred in the first ever Calvin Klein ad campaign in Brazil.

brazilian male underwear model - oscar emboaba football star2

Oscar actually only models as a side gig because he is a pretty famous football star who currently plays for the Chinese Super League club Shanghai SIPG. He also played for his country at the 2012 London Olympics as well as the 2014 FIFA World Cup. That’s how good of a football player he is.

brazilian male underwear model oscar dos santos

And, as you can see in his modeling pics, he can also give them male models a run for their money.

brazilian male underwear models - oscar

Male Underwear Models of the World: Brazilian Edition (29 January 2011). Our friend Kevin think it’s time for another post on Brazilian male models while our friend Deena suggests that we should be posting more photos of men wearing long johns thermal underwear. Well, we decided to hit two birds with one stone with these photos of Brazilian model Diego Amaral wearing nothing but a pair of sexy long johns. [Photo by André Arthur courtesy of]

brazilian male underwear models diego amaral in long johns

Want more men in long johns underwear?

diego amaral long johns underwear model

Well, since we’re on the subject of Brazilian men and their underwear, we might as well give you more Brazilian models and their undies.

Like, say, Edilson Nascimento and his briefs underwear. He’s got the perfect bum, doesn’t he? Ahh, Edilson you defy the laws of physics: how can you be so hot, sizzling, and smoking when you’re wet. By the way, if you’re an Ashley Tisdale fan, it might interest you to know that Edilson is Ashley’s boyfriend in the 2009 video, “It’s Alright, It’s Okay.”

brazilian male underwear model - edilson nascimento

We have more pictures of Edilson Nascimento but this time, he’s in his squarecut boxer-briefs. Suits him nicely, doesn’t it?

brazilian male underwear model - edilson nascimento2

Elvis Fernando in Calvin Kleins (5 May 2010). Famewatchers, meet Elvis Fernando in his Calvin Klein tighty whitie underwear. Elvis is reportedly from Brazil which, as you very well know, is the land where all the hottest models in the world, be they boy or girl, come from.

brazilian male underwear models - elvis fernando calvin klein

Of course, some of you like our good friend Deena might be aware of Brazil because its where the inventor of Dr. Rey’s Shapewear come from but truly, Brazil’s claim to fame its its beautiful models, hawt models, handsome models, hunky models and the model boytoys of Madonna like Jesus Luz. Lucky old woman, that Madonna. If only Elvis Fernando would agree to become our Jesus Luz.

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