Celebrity Leather Jacket Picks: Josh Duhamel in Burberry and Superdry

Celebrity Leather Jacket: Josh Duhamel in Burberry Brit. We are updating this post to bring you another photo of Josh rocking a black leather jacket. This is courtesy of Indonesian magazine DAMAN which featured him back in December 2015.

celebrity leather jacket - josh duhamel burberry brit

According to the mag, our Josh is wearing Burberry Brit biker leather jacket in these photos.

celebrity leather jacket stylish - josh duhamel burberry brit 2

Want more celebrity leather jacket?

celebrity leather jacket - josh duhamel biker leather by burberry

We do not know the brand he is wearing here and we don’t think its from the DAMAN photoshoot but we are including it in this update because he is soooo rocking the jeans and leather jacket look.

josh duhamel leather jacket

Josh Duhamel Leather Jacket: Brad Superdry (3 February 2011). Time for another post on celebrities with black leather jackets, eh? Here’s Josh Duhamel, star of the rom-com Life as We Know It, wearing a fab Brad Superdry leather jacket. It’s a brand also favored by today’s top celebrities such as David Beckham, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, and other famous Hollywooders. Wonder if that guy behind him is his wifey Fergie in disguise. Hehehe. They’re both wearing matching reddish shoes.

celebrity leather jacket brands - josh duhamel superdry

Josh usually projects happiness in his paparazzi pics so we’re kinda surprised by his rather sad demeanor in these photos. Maybe he’s channeling “Sad Keanu”? But he kinda also looks like Canadian Superhunk Ryan Reynolds, doesn’t he?

josh duhamel leather jacket - brad superdry

Distressed jeans continue to be a favorite among Hollywood celebrities. They also continue to baffle our mom who, when our kid brother bought a pair of distressed Levis, went bonkers and said, “You paid, $$$$ for second-hand denim jeans with holes in them! I can buy that for $ at the thrift store!”

When kid brother told her that he in fact bought a brand-new outfit, mom went even more bonkers and said, “Are you kidding me! What store in there right mind would sell jeans like that?!!!!”

celebrity leather jacket josh duhamel

It was only when we showed her several photos of celebrities, like Josh above, wearing distressed jeans before she was convinced that this is some kind of a fashion trend. Welcome to the new millemium, ma! Anyhoo, for more Josh Duhamel fashion style, check out his board shorts, his Raven jeans, and this Tad Hamilton Tag Heuer Monaco.

Celebrity Leather Jacket Picks: Josh Duhamel in Burberry and Superdry. Posted 3 February 2011. Last updated: March 18, 2020 at 7:02 am.