Brandon Chase Shirtless, Girlfriend, The Voice Country Hunk

Brandon Chase Shirtless. We are updating this post to bring you this shirtless photo of Brandon Chase which we grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him @brandonchasemusic). Now, to answer the question we asked six years ago, no Brandon did not win The Voice during his season.

brandon chase shirtless

To answer another question we also asked in 2013, yes he has a girlfriend. He is dating this gorgeous girl named Taylor Manns.

brandon chase girlfriend taylor manns


brandon chace - the voice singer

Brandon Chase: Hunky Country Singer Will Win The Voice 5? (posted 3 October 2013). Our friend Deena has a fearless forecast on who will win Season 5 of The Voice: Blake Shelton’s record of winning with pretty girls singing country songs will end. However, Blake will still win but this time with a pretty boy singing country songs. According to Deena, that pretty boy who will emerge victorious and will be crowned in the finale is Brandon Chase. It’s a bold prediction from Deena considering that this singer is still to make his appearance but, to her credit, she correctly predicted that Kris Allen and Scotty McCreery will win their respective American Idol seasons. [Note: She didn’t watch the other seasons.]

Anyhoo, Brandon has a Youtube channel [see: Brandon Chase Music] where he’s been uploading his original music. Let’s check out some of them, shall we?

Sitting, Wishing, Waiting

Rock In My Shoe

Most Beautiful Thing

And here’s Brandon’s cover of John Mayer’s Love Song For No One.

So, fellow Famewatchers, what do you think of Brandon’s singing talent? Do you agree with Deena’s prediction that he’ll win The Voice this season?

By the way, it looks like Brandon is friends with our favorite American Idol winner, Kris Allen. How cute are these two together? Kradam fans (hello, are you still there?] will surely get jealous. [Snark from our friend Kevin: Oh come on, Pim! Just because these two have a picture together does not automatically mean that they are friends! I have a picture with Hugh Jackman and no one, including you, mistakes me for a friend of Wolverine!]

brandon chase - gay v neck shirt - with kris allen

Does Brandon Chase have a girlfriend? We don’t know. But we did find this pic of him and a pretty girl on his Twitter account.

brandon chase - girlfriend marijke - rangers game baseball

He apparently brought her to a Texas Rangers game because the photo came with the following message:

Brandon Chase ‏@theRangersGame teaching Marijke the game of baseball! #southafrican

So maybe this Marijke girl is her GF or maybe she’s just a friend from abroad who don’t know how baseball is played. Either way, it’s pretty sweet of him to bring her to a baseball game, no?

Want more country hunks? Check out our post on Shirtless Country Singers. We’re still trying to find a shirtless photo of Brandon Chase but we are not hopeful of ever finding one. Singing country hunks, unlike the likes of Adam Levine (the lovable slut), are kinda shy when it comes to chucking off their shirts. Hehe. Still, there’s such a thing as miracles so watch out for this page because, who knows, we might eventually find and upload a fabulous shirtless pic of the gorgeous Brandon.

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