Best Swim Shorts for Men: Addicted for Summer 2016

Best Swim Shorts for Men in Summer. Looking for a fabulous swimwear brand to wear this coming summer? Well, check out these swim outfits from Spanish brand Addicted. The Barcelona-based apparel company has snagged some famous names in “adult” entertainment to model its swimwear offerings. Let’s check them out, shall we?

First of all, let’s begin with male models Andrei Karenin and Jean Daniel Chaggal wrestling in their swim shorts. At least that’s what we think they are doing (or about to do).

best swim shorts for men - summer 2016

And then there’s Kris Evans rocking his black briefs-style swimsuit. [Want more Spanish mens swim/underwear brand? Check out our earlier post on XTG Underwear.]


Let’s have another look, and this time a closer look, at Kris and his Addicted swim briefs. We generally do not recommend wearing black swimwear or underwear because, as we mentioned in the past, black tends to minimize a man’s asset. This, however, is no problem for Kris as he is naturally gifted according to our friend Kevin.


Another pic of Kris Evans rocking his Addicted swimwear or, as we already mentioned, the best swim shorts for men this summer.


Best Swim Shorts for Men Ranking. How does Addicted rank in your best swim shorts? Does it deserve to be right up there at the top as our Deena contends? She argues that any brand that does not shy away from hiring “adult actors” to be its models deserves a top spot in any ranking. Do you agree with her or not?

By the by, Addicted menswear is not limited to the outfits you wear to the beach to bask under the sun. It also makes sexy men’s underwear and athletic wear such as tank tops and sweat pants. More about Addicted and its swimwear/underwear outfits courtesy of

Addicted men’s underwear and swimwear collection is designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. It’s a fresh bolt of vivid colour, hot cuts and Spanish style. Addicted underwear for men features a complete collection of underwear options including jockstraps, briefs, boxers and long johns. Addicted also produce a popular swimwear collection of speedo cuts and square cut swimwear.

How much is the selling price for Addicted swimwear? Additionally, where can you buy some for yourself or a friend? Well, you can buy them online. As for the price, it ranges by anywhere from £20 for Speedo-style swimbriefs to £45 for the swim shorts that the handsome Jean Daniel Chaggall is wearing in the next photo below.


In conclusion, who of these adult actors rock their Addicted swim shorts the best? Is it Jean Daniel? Or Kris Evans? Both Kevin and Deena pick Kris as their best “rocker” but yours truly is more in the Team Jean Daniel Camp. Tell us in the comments.