Hungarian Hunks: 12 Hot and Handsome Male Models From Hungary

Hungarian Hunks: 21 Male Models from Hungary. It’s been, like, four years since we blogged about sexy men from Hungary [see Hot Hungarian Men in Speedos] so let’s bring you more Hungarian hunks. This time, let’s focus on the male models who are making their presence felt in the very competitive, very lookist, and very ageist world of modeling.

hungarian hunks - male model adam varga

So let us begin our list of Hungarian hunks with male model Adam Varga. That’s Adam above as well as in the pic below.

adam varga shirtless - hungarian model

We initially confused this Hungarian country boy with another Toronto-based Adam Varga until our friend Deena pointed out that they are two different models. Here’s the Canadian Adam Varga:

adam varga underwear photo

They may have the same brown hair and blue eyes (according to their respective model profiles) but they sure are not the same guy, no?

Next in our list of Hungarian hunks is Andras Kajari. He lives in Canada but he is originally from Budapest. Andras walked the runway for the Spencer Hart Summer/Spring 2013 Menswear Collection.

andras kajari for spencer hart ss 13 - hungarian male model

Make sure you don’t confuse Canada-based Andras Kajari with another Andras K, a model based in Budapest. Here’s Budapest Andras smoking in his underwear. Photo by Sam Scott Schiavo for Positive Magazine.

andras wam model bjorn borg underwear - pic by Sam Scott Schiavo for positive magazine

Male model Bence Farkas makes it to our list of hot Hungarian hunks. He walked the runway at a recent London Fashion Week.

bence farkas - Sibling SS 2014 London

You want another photo of Bence? Seems like he’s got some cute freckles. Also, he probably has the most kissable lips in the modeling biz.


Botond Cseke is probably the highest rated Hungarian male model these days. First of all, a look at Botond’s profile on tells us that he is a very busy model.  He walked for brands like Rag & Bone, Lee Roach, Lou Dalton, etc. Additionally, he’s also featured in the Summer/Spring 2013 advertising campaign for G-Star Raw Slim Fit Denim.

botond cseke - g star raw advert

You want another Botond Cseke photo? We’ll give you this sizzling shirtless pic.

hungarian hunks - Botond Cseke - hungarian male model

Like Bence, the next model below is one we’d like to kiss. Seems like he’d welcome it too. Wink. Wink. His name is  Domokos (Domi) Szabo. Like some of the models mentioned above, Domi is also Budapest.

hungarian male models - Domi Szabo

In an interview with the Herzen Lifestyle Project, he talks about the best things about being a model:

What’s the best thing about being a model?
Domi – In my opinion, there are many BEST things firstly, you have opportunity to travel around the world; meet many creative, super people; if you are young, you can learn how you take care of yourself far away from home, there are always different challenges; and if we are honest, you can earn lot of money.

In the internet age, another good thing about being a model is that, if you are good, you get to develop an international fanbase. Yay!

Another sexy dude from Hungary is Joca Jozsef Tobel. [Next two photos courtesy are courtesy of
Sean Scott and HufMagazine.]

Hungarian male model Joca Jozsef Tobel photography by Sean-Scott

Aww. Don’t you just love men who pull up their shirt to show us their washboard abs and peekabo underwear?

Hungarian male model Joca Jozsef Tobel - calvin klein underwear - hufmagazine

Speaking of underwear, check out Janos Molnar in his briefs.

janos molnar underwear

Just how effin’ gorgeous is Janos. He is so damn hawt we decided to break up with our imaginary Hungarian boyfriend (sorry Daniel Gyurta) and replace him with Janos. Wouldn’t you do the same thing? Check out his awesome shirtlessness below.


Another yummable model from Hungary is the Misa Patinski.

Misa Patinksi hungarian hunk model

This stunning hunk, who was discovered at a bus station in Budapest, has walked for the likes of Philip Lim, ZZegna, Frankie Morello, and Mugler. Additionally, he starred in ad campaigns for Frankie Morello and Stone Island.

Misa Patinszki - hungarian hunks model

If you’re a fan of boyish models, maybe you will like Roberto Barta. We like him because he is the kind of guy our granny would love.

hungarian hunks - roberto barta shirt - male model

More about Roberto (via

Handsome Hungarian Roberto was scouted from a social networking site, and was immediately signed to mother agency Wam Models, Budapest. This total teen idol may be a tough guy off duty, but put him on set and Roberto is the ultimate pretty boy. Already being praised for his ease in front of the camera, Roberto is signed in Milan with I LOVE, and more than ready for global recognition. This is Barta!

Roberto rocks his skimpy briefs underwear.

Roberto Barta underwear

Blond hunk Sven (Istvan) Csongar was reportedly discovered while riding the tram following a water-polo workout. Deena says this guy should have been named Ken because he looks like a Ken doll. Do you agree? Or maybe you have another name for Sven?

Sven Csongar - sexy hungarian male model

Here’s another Sven modeling pic. But this time he’s relaxing on the floor. Or maybe he is working out. Seems like he’s doing a ball exercise routine or something. [Photo by Sam Scott Schiavo.]

Hungarian hunks - Sven Csongar in jockey underwear pic by Sam Scott Schiavo

Finally, the last but not the least in our list of 12 Hungarian male models is Zoltan Iklodi. We love him because of his expressive eyes.

Zoltan Iklodi shirtless hungarian model

More info about Zoltan (via

With his piercing eyes and poetic beauty, it is no surprise that Zoltan was spotted whilst walking past Art Models agency and signed immediately. Half Russian and half Hungarian, this Budapest boy is one whole lot of handsome. A sound technician and electronic music producer who speaks fluent English, Zoltan is the type of guy clients find endlessly engaging. Zoltan is simply stunning.

We’re loving his bright outfits below. Pretty nice ensemble.

zoltan iklodi - hungarian male model

So who of these hot Hungarian hunks is your favorite?