Spanish Mens Underwear Brand: XTG Underwear

Spanish Mens Underwear Brand: XTG Underwear. Looking for a Spanish men’s underwear brand? Here’s XTG underwear which wants you to “feel extreme under your clothes”. How would it feel to feel “extreme”? Seriously, what does that mean? But maybe that slogan is an English translation of its Spanish original which, we hope, makes better sense?

Anyhoo, if you want to check out other underwear styles and brands that Spanish dudes are wearing, check out Antonio Banderas’ underwear, this Unno enhanced underwear (though we’re not 100% sure if its a Spanish brand, and this Spanish male model in blue briefs.


Gym Shorts for Men: XTG Shorts on Paco Talavera
31 January 2011

gym shorts for men

XTG is a Spanish fashion brand which, as we mentioned in a previous post, makes these fabulous Spanish men’s underwear. Not surprisingly, it also makes awesome gym shorts which gym rats obsessed with six pack abs – like these ones on male model Paco Talavera – should wear when they go for a workout in the gym. Agree?

spanish mens underwear xtg paco talavera

spanish mens underwear xtg

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Spanish Mens Underwear Brand: XTG Underwear. Posted 13 January 2010. Updated 3 June 2016.