Best Red Pants for Women: List of Top Celebrity Brand Picks

Best Red Pants for Women: The Kates. The Kates sure love them their brightly colored red pants don’t they? For instance, here’s Katie Holmes wearing her skin tight red pants (denim jeans?) during a shopping trip.

best red pants for women - katie holmes

And then here’s Kate Beckinsale in her red walking pants. Kate appears to be some kind of a multi-tasker isn’t she? She’s answering her phone while jogging? Or is he running? Nah, she’s a classy girl so she’s doing neither. She is, instead, brisk-walking.

best red pants for women - kate beckinsale

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Update: Best Red Pants for Women – Celebrity Brand Picks. Aside from the two Kates above, other famous girls love them their red pants too. Here’s a list of red pant-lovers: Khloe Kardashian, Annalynne McCord, Amanda Seyfried, Mel C., Pak Bom, and Raquel Zimmerman. So what denim brand are these girls wearing? Well, let’s check it out below.

Our favorite Kardashian girl and our second favorite Kardashian (after his brother Rob) is wearing a pair of red skin tight trousers from the Zara Jeans collection for women.

Like Khloe above, Mel C or Melanie Jayne Chisholm or Sporty Spice opted for a red Zara denim pants for this magazine photoshoot.

Meanwhile, Amanda Zeyfried opted for a pair of The Skinny Jeans from the American denim brand, Joe’s Jeans. Why did Amanda choose the skinny Joe’s Jeans? Probably because, to use the words of the company, it is versatile which you can “wear with flats, heels, or tucked into boots”

Another famous girl who loves red pants is Annalynne McCord. She’s wearing a pair of Skelanimals Red and Black Striped Skinny Denim Pants. The outfit is stretchy because it’s reportedly made of 2% spandex and 98% cotton.

For her part, South Korean singer Park Bom (of the group 2NE1) opted for a Red and Black Biker Jeans from the Spring/Summer 2011 Balmain Collection for Women.

Lastly, here’s Brazilian model Raquel Zimmerman looking bedraggled but sexy and fab in her leathery red jeans from the Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Collection.

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Updated 26 July 2016.