Washable Stretch Leather Jeans by Jean Claude Jitrois

Washable Stretch Leather Jeans by Jean Claude Jitrois. Want to wash your stretch pants made of leather? Apparently, you can now do that with Jean Claude Jitrois’ innovative washable leather.

Washable Stretch Leather Jeans by Jean Claude Jitrois

Here’s what the Jitrois team says about their new invention: “The new 5 pocket jean in machine washable leather stretch is the result of Jean Claude Jitrois pioneering a new technique of washing and ironing leather like a normal jean, possible because of new treatments to the skin.”

Hudson Jeans For Girls: Celebrity Style Edition

hudson jeans for girls sofia vergara

Hudson Jeans For Girls: Celebrity Style Edition Today in female celebrity jeans, we bring you five famous girls who love them their Hudson Jeans. If you are a fan of Hudson Jeans, then consider these girls as your brand sisters. First in our list of famous female celebrities spotted rocking their Hudson Jeans for girls is Modern Family star Sofia Vergara who, if we remember correctly, is the highest paid female television star.

Celebrity Womens Jeans: Paige Premium Edition Style Watch List

celebrity womens jeans cindy crawford paige premium bootcut

Celebrity Womens Jeans: Paige Premium Edition Style Watch List. Obviously, Isla Fisher and Blake Lively are not the only female celebrities who love them some Paige Premium jeans. Which is why we are updating this post to add to our list of famous girls wearing Paige Premium. Let’s start with Cindy Crawford and her bootcut jeans:

Best Red Pants for Women: List of Top Celebrity Brand Picks

best red pants for women - katie holmes

Best Red Pants for Women: The Kates. The Kates sure love them their brightly colored red pants don’t they? For instance, here’s Katie Holmes wearing her skin tight red pants (denim jeans?) during a shopping trip.

And then here’s Kate Beckinsale in her red walking pants. Kate appears to be some kind of a multi-tasker isn’t she? She’s answering her phone while jogging? Or is he running? Nah, she’s a classy girl so she’s doing neither. She is, instead, brisk-walking.

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans for Girls: Rachel Bilson Fashion Style

Apparently, the OC’s Rachel Bilson wears a pair of AG Adriano Goldschmied Jeans when she goes grocery shopping. Very pragmatic and utilitarian, no? The fashion junkie is reportedly back in the arms of ex-fiance Hayden Christensen and will be starring in a movie called BFF and Baby slated for release in 2011.

Jean Shorts or Jorts for Girls: Kate Moss in Jorts


What exactly are jorts? Here’s how the denizens of urbandictionary.com define it:

1) Slang for jean shorts. These are most often worn by the fashion illiterate and the fan base of the University of Florida. Note: This is the correct spelling; see also jhorts.

2) a combination of the words “jean” and “shorts” used to describe the hideous attire, usually sported by NASCAR afficianados and men over 40. Sometimes Jorts are accessorized with a lovely cellphone belt clip and a braided leather belt, but not always. Sometimes the Jorts wearer lets the Jorts speak for themselves.