Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade: Graeco Roman Wrestler Calendar

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade Wrestler Hunk (first posted 3 July 2016). So, we decided to update this post to add another photo of our Graeco Roman wrestler from a Dieux du Stade photoshoot. We’re told this pic is from the Dieux du Stade calendar in 2011. Or maybe its the 2010 issue? Sorry, we are not sure.

For those of you who are wondering, like our friend Kevin, the other wrestling guy in the photo is Julien Gras.

benoit bouzekri and julien gras - dieux du stade4a

The folks behind the Dieux du Stade calendar sure know how to intrigue us with their images, no? They know how to get us hot and bothered and, as a result, we are compelled to buy their calendar. Want more hot wrestlers? Go check out post on Wrestlers in Spandex.

Hot French Men in Rugby: Benoit Bouzekri and Friends (Originally published 5 November 2009). French rugby hunk Benoit Bouzekri bonds with his equally hunky friends. Good for you, guys. For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, these photos are from the 2010 Dieux Du Stade calendar which we’ve earlier blogged about.


Check out the other hot rugby players featured in said calendar: Geoffroy Messina in jockstrap, Julien Arias, and the Evans brothers who are really really hunky but are made to pose too close for comfort.

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade

Finally, here’s the third Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade calendar photo:

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade

ERRATUM: First of all, we offer our apologies! Why, you ask? Because it turns out that Benoit Bousekri is not a rugby or football player but is a Graeco Roman wrestler.

Apparently, Dieux du Stade does not limit itself to only showing us the gorgeous manly beauty of rugby players. The calendar makers expanded their model pool to include the equally gorgeous men from other sports. We think they did the right thing. Way, to go DDS calendar makers.

We know you want another Benoit shirtless photo so we are adding the next pic below. Apparently, it is a re-creation of an iconic Alain Delon scene in the 1960 movie Purple Noon (Plein Soleil).

Benoit Bouzekri dieux du stade french wrestler

If that ain’t a handsome gorgeous man, we don’t know what is. We want to be that wheel because we want him to navigate us. Hehe. If we were a wrestler, we won’t mind submitting to him.

By the way, the “friend” we referred to earlier that Benoit is grappling with is another wrestler named Julien Gras.

Okay, still want some rugby hunks? Well, here’s a video on the making of the Gods of Football Calendar for 2009. We think you’ll have all the footballer you’d want to see in this vid.

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade: Graeco Roman Wrestler Calendar. First posted 5 November 2009. Last updated: July 4, 2020 at 13:00 pm.