Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade: Graeco Roman Wrestler Calendar

Benoit Bouzekri dieux du stade french wrestler

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade Wrestler Hunk. So, we decided to update this post to add another photo of our Graeco Roman wrestler from a Dieux du Stade photoshoot. We’re told this pic is from the Dieux du Stade calendar in 2011. Or maybe its the 2010 issue? Sorry, we are not sure.

Yoann Maestri Dieux du Stade Model, Shirtless, Girlfriend or Wife?

yoann maestri body - modeling Simon Porte Jacquemus menswear

Yoann Maestri Dieux du Stade, Shirtless, Girlfriend or Wife? It’s February. It’s the month of love. It’s Black History Month if you are in the United States. And, apparently, it is also the International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month. For us here at Famewatcher, aka the home of THOTs and hos, February is the month to ogle at French rugby player Yoann Maestri who is Mr. February in the Dieux du Stade 2020 Calendar.

Dieux du Stade Calendar 2020: Gods of the Stadium Hunky Rugby Models

Dieux du Stade 2020 Calendar Hunks: Pierre Fouyssac, 24 years old from Agen France, is playing for Stade Toulousain which currently holds the 2019 French Rugby Championship title. Pierre is our second imaginary boyfriend. Hehe. Don’t you just love how he touches his jaw, very badass.

gods of football 2020 calendar models - Pierre Fouyssac

David Skrela Dieux Du Stade Calendar: Gods of Football French Rugby Hunk

david skrela gay or straight

David Skrela Dieux Du Stade Calendar Model: Gods of Football French Rugby Hunk. Today in guys with big balls, we bring you these photos of the awesome French rugby player David Skrela who modeled for the Gods of Football calendar.

If you are a fan of gorgeous men in the world of sports, we’re pretty sure you are already familiar with this calendar (it’s also more popularly known as Dieux du Stade calendar) which features rugby players and other athletes who are willing to get photographed in the buff. Here’s David from the 2006 version of the calendar.

Thomas Combezou: French Rugby Player, Dieux du Stade Model

Thomas Combezou Dieux du Stade. We had to delete some of the Dieux du Stade photos of our beautiful rugby player because we gotta be sensitive to our Grandma Akita’s blood pressure. Hehe. We don’t want her hypertension to get worse because of over-excitement. But here our some pics of our Thomas which are just as lovely:

Thomas Combezou dieux du stade calendar2