Barry Sloane Shirtless for Cosmopolitan Cancer Campaign

Barry Sloane Shirtless for Cosmopolitan Cancer Campaign. Hunky British actor Barry Sloane — some of you know him as Aiden Mathis on Revenge — is joining the ever growing list of famous men who are stripping for Cosmopolitan Magazine (the UK edition) in order to raise public awareness for men’s cancer.

barry sloane shirtless for cosmopolitan - cancer research uk - photo

From “In our exclusive Hollywood shoot the 32-year-old actor from Liverpool stripped down to just a towel to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK. Buff Barry told Cosmo how he’d overhauled his lifestyle and now trains regularly, eats healthily and of course regularly looks out for lumps and bumps. ‘I always check myself every couple of weeks after a shower – if guys are honest they know what it’s supposed to feel like,’ he says.”

You should pick a copy of the magazine if you want to see a photo of Barry in all his nekkid glory. Hehe. If you can’t secure a copy of CosmoMag, you have to content yourself with these shirtless photos of our 32-year-old hottie from his hit ABC show. Here’s Barry/Aiden in bed with his Revenge co-star. [Update: Sorry we have to remove the photo.]

There’s something very hawt about guys with nothing but towels covering their nether regions, no? [For another British hunk who recently stripped for Cosmopolitan Mag’s Everyman Campaign, check out our earlier post on Jade Dernbach Shirtless.]

Barry sloane shirtless towel

Barry gets wet under the shower.

barry sloane wet in the shower

A young Barry Sloane with his underwear playing peekabo.

barry sloane young - peekabo underwear

Barry Sloane Gay or Straight? He is quite straight according to our friends at Here’s their gaydar rating for this handsome British actor:

Barry Sloane gaydar: According to 77 visitors Barry Sloane is 67% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Barry Sloane is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Barry Sloane Girlfriend or Wife? Is he married or is he still single? Does he have a family or children? Does Barry have a girlfriend or a wife or a partner? Yes he has a wife. She is a fashion designer and her name is Katy O’Grady. The couple are blessed with a girl named Gracie.

barry sloane married - with wife katy o grady

Barry and Katy tied the knot in 2013. Here are some of their wedding photos.

barry sloane wedding with katy o grady

Let us end this post with another Barry Sloane shirtless photo, shall we? That’s a very hairy, manly chest. Yay!

barry sloane hairy chest - hollyaks

Updated 16 December 2016. Originally posted on 12 January 2014.