Albert Reed Gay or Straight, Shirtless, Underwear, Cosmo Everyman

Albert Reed Shirtless Photos: He’s Now a Zaddy Model! It’s been 13 years since we initially blogged about Albert and his hunky gorgeousness and, boy, are we happy to note that he continues to be a top male model. Considering that the modeling biz is all about youth, youth, and youth he sure is giving them yutes a run for their money. Anyhoo, here are some of his recent modeling photos which be grabbed from his IMG profile:

albert reed model daddy

albert reed shirtless daddy model

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Hot Cricket Players: Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Alastair Cook

Hot Cricket Players For Cosmo Everyman: Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Alastair Cook. Oh my. Here’s another great photo of athletes baring themselves in support of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Everyman campaign. The three jocks in the picture are cricket stars Stuart Broad, James Anderson, and Alastair Cook.

As we stated in earlier posts, the Everyman campaign seeks to raise public awareness for prostate cancer as well as other male-specific cancers. So get yourselves checked, guys.

hot cricket players

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David James Shirtless, Underwear Model, Hairstyles

David James Shirtless: Armani, HM Model, and Cosmo Everyman Campaign. We’re surprised (not to say embarrassed) to discover that English footballer David James, who we bloggged about years ago, actually started the footballer-turned-model trend way back in 1995. We should have mentioned it the first time we blogged about David James but it’s better late than never, right?

david james shirtless armani jeans

So David James paved the way for the likes of his namesake David Beckham and other athletes-turned-Armani models such as Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafael Nadal.

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Sean Faris Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

Sean Faris Shirtless Update: He’s a Married Man Now! We are updating this post to note that the hunky American actor, who was our main Hollywood crush when we wrote this back in 2014, has tied the knot. Awww, congratulations to him!

It’s actually belated congratulations because he got married three years ago with actress Cherie Daly. The two tied the knot in a remarkable fashion in that they held the wedding at Burning Man. Here’s a photo of their wedding ceremony which appears to have delighted fans.

sean faris wedding with cherie daly - 2017 burning man

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Nigel Barker Shirtless, Sloggi Underwear Model, Ethnic Background

Nigel Barker Shirtless, Underwear Model, Ethnicity. One of the good things when we do blog post updates is we discover new things about the people we are blogging about. For instance, did you know that Nigel is part Sri-Lankan?

Apparently, her mom Gillian was originally from Sri Lanka. She was a model, beauty queen, and was a contestant in the Miss Sri Lanka pageant. In an interview with, Nigel reveals that its actually her mom who deserves credit for him becoming a model:

As for my modeling career, my mother is really to blame for my becoming a model. She was an avid watcher of an English TV show called “The Clothes Show,” which put on an annual model search. My mom entered me in 1989 or was it 90? I don’t remember. She entered me into the competition and to cut a long story short, I became a finalist and ended up in the top three. I decided to take a year off between High School and University and what was only meant to be a sabbatical, turned into a career move.

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Alex James Shirtless: Cosmo Everyman Cancer Awareness Campaign

Alex James Shirtless: Cosmo Everyman Campaign. Look who’s gone au naturel for Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman campaign aimed at increasing public awareness for testicular cancer? It’s bassist Alexander James. For those who missed the photos of other male celebs who supported this campaign, check out our Cosmo Everyman category.

alex james shirtless body - cosmo everyman - bass player for Blur

As we stated in past posts, the Everyman campaign seeks to encourage men to have themselves checked for the various kinds of cancer that afflict them (from prostate, to testicular, to etc. etc.). Male cancer is more common that we think and early detection is the best way of combating the disease.

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