Jade Dernbach Shirtless for Cosmo Cancer Awareness

Jade Dernbach Shirtless Cosmo Magazine Photo. Let’s add English cricket star Jade Dernbach to our list of famous men who posed in their birthday suit for the Cosmo Everyman campaign. As we mentioned in previous posts, the magazine’s Everyman campaign aims to encourage its female readers to convince the men in their lives to get themselves checked for cancer.

Is the campaign effective? We can only speak for ourselves but Everyman did make us tell our hubby to get himself checked. We’re lucky because he’s not the kind of guy who needs to be convinced about the importance of things like this. Truth be told, he is actually more health conscious than us. Hehe. Anyhoo, let’s go back to Jade Dernbach and his Cosmo Everyman photo taken by Antonio Petronzio.

jade dernbach shirtless cosmo everyman

Pretty cool, huh? Question: Did he get himself waxed a-la Simon Cowell [see Male Body Hair Removal] or is our Jade naturally smooth-skinned?

For those of you wondering about one of Jade’s tattoos (i.e., TLM 55) here’s what he says about it (via Daily Mail): “The tattoo on my chest is for my mate Tom Maynard – it’s his initials and squad number. He was such a fun guy; always smiling. When I was younger there were things I was insecure about, but now I think it’s important to embrace your body and look after it.”

He adds: “I will always remember Tommy as that fun person with the biggest smile on his face. That never changed from the moment I met him to the last night. The last picture I have in my mind is of him dancing with a massive smile on his face, doing what he did best – making other people have a good time as well as enjoying himself. That’s my last memory of him. And I’m so glad it is because whatever has been said, it doesn’t change who he was and what he gave to so many people.”

Aside from Cosmo Everyman, another cool project supported by the cricket star is PETA’s Ink Not Mink campaign. Check out Jade and his glorious tattoos.

shirtless jade dernbach - tattoos - ink not mink peta campaign

Deena’s Question: Does this dude have a girlfriend or is he gay? It seems like he’s into things that I also care about. I would not mind bringing him home to mama. Hehe.

Answer: The website we usually refer to when it comes to relationship questions, whosdatedwho.com, does not have any dating list for the English cricketer. Either he has not dated any one yet or he’s very private about it. Also, we have no information on whether he is a friend of Dorothy.

2020 Update. We are updating this post seven years later to note that Jade does not have a girlfriend but is actually married to Anna Dernbach. Here’s a photo of the couple we grabbed from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @jadedernbach.

jade dernbach wife girlfriend partner anna

Of course, we would not be doing our duty here on Famewatcher if we update a post and not include some shirtless pics. Hehe.

jade dernbach shirtless

Watchu drinking, Jade?

jade dernbach body no shirt

The photo below is probably our favorite shirtless Jade photo. A photo of a photoshoot? So meta!

hot cricket player - jade dernbach

Jade Dernbach Shirtless Cosmo Magazine Photo: Men’s Cancer Awareness. Posted in Cosmo Everyman Magazine on 1 December 2013. Last updated: February 28, 2020 at 3:42 am.