Andy Murray Shirtless, Sweatpants, Wedding Kilt

Andy Murray Shirtless in Sweatpants for Men’s Health Magazine. You think we’re done blogging about Sir Andy Murray and his awesomeness? Not when he keeps giving us looks like the ones he in these photos for Men’s Health Magazine. We think we’re done with admiring guys in sweatpants but then we came across these classy — but er*tically charged — photos of the Scottish tennis great whacking tennis balls in sweatpants and we’re like, “Damn! Guys in sweatpants really make us hot and bothered.”

andy murray sweatpants hunk

andy murray abs and sweatpants

andy murray shirtless abs

Andy Murray Wedding Photos (5 September 2020). Oh boy, this update is five years late but it’s better late than never especially when it comes to celebrities tying the knot.

Remember that time when we blogged about a gossipy report by The Sun which alleges that Kim dumped Andy because he was playing too much video games? In hindsight, we think the British tabloid simply made it up and we mindlessly regurgitated it. Sorry, Andy!

Anyhoo, Andy and Kim tied the knot five years ago on 11 April 2015 and the couple are now proud parents to three children. Here are some photos from their wedding where our Andy proudly wore a kilt during the ceremony.

andy murray wearing kilt

andy murray wedding in kilt - kim sears

Andy Murray Shirtless (25 April 2010). Today in celebrity treasure trail, we bring you this awesome shirtless photo of Scottish tennis player Andy Murray during a training session with his enticing treasure trail clearly visible.

celebrity treasure trail - shirtless andy murray2

It’s probably the best celebrity happy trail we’ve seen ever.

celebrity treasure trail - andy murray

Didn’t we tell you that he is becoming some kind of a hunk? Anyhoo, according to news reports, our Andy is still trying to get over his bad loss to Federer during the finals of the Australian Open.

You kinda shoulda gotta feel for the guy but he’s still young and he’s still got lots of good years ahead of him to win a major. So get over it, Andy dude. If you continue to let that defeat hang above you like a dark cloud, there is no way in hell you’re going to win a Grand Slam.

Anyhoo, what do you think of Andy’s treasure trail? Very hawt, eh?

Kim Dumped Andy Because of His Video Game Addiction? (01 December 2009). If The Sun is to be believed, Kim Sears reportedly dumped Andy because he is addiction to video games. Says a source: “She felt she was playing second fiddle to it. There are a number of reasons for the break-up. But computer games did factor.”

Can’t say we blame the girl for reacting the way she did. But we hope they patch things up and get back together.

Andy Murray Gay or Straight? (06 August 2009). He is straight and he’s got a girlfriend named Kim Sears. Apparently, Andy and Kim have been dating for the past four years. Here’s a photo of Andy, Kim, and a cute dog. ¬†Will the two eventually end up tying the knot? We sure hope so. They do look good together don’t they?

Andy Murray Muscle Man (19 January 2009). Who knew that the wispy looking Andy Murray has these great muscles? Hope he wins a major (make that majors) but, for now, I’d still say “Go Federer”.

andy murray muscles

Eye on the ball, sweetheart!

andy murray muscles shirtless

andy murray muscles

What about you, who is your favorite tennis hunk?

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