Amadeus Serafini Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards

Amadeus Serafini Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards. Nearly ten years later, we are updating this post to note that Amadeus continues to establish himself in Hollywood. He most recently starred in the movie Hidden Strike with Jackie Chan and John Cena. It’s not well reviewed by critics which is kind of bad but its been topping the most watched list on Netflix for the past four weeks which is kind of cool. Here’s a scene from the movie showing Amadeus with John Cena:

amadeus serafini hidden strike with john cena

To date, the model turned actor has a total of 8 acting projects to his name including Scream: The TV Series which prompted us to blog about him back in 2014. He will also be starring in two upcoming projects, The Painted and Where Did the Adults Go which are currently in post-production.

Amadeus Serafini Awards and Recognition. According to IMDB, he’s been nominated as the Favorite Villain during the 2016 TV Guide Awards for his performance in Scream: The TV Series. He’s also nominated as part of the ensemble for the same show at the same awards.

amadeus serafini scream - awards and recognition

Amadeus Serafini Shirtless and Underwear Photos. These are screencaps from his projects particularly Summer Days, Summer Nights.

amadeus serafini gay or girlfriend

amadeus serafini underwear in summer days summer nights

amadeus serafini shirtless in summer days summer nights2

amadeus serafini shirtless in summer days summer nights

Amadeus Serafini Girlfriend? He may or he may not be in a relationship with Scream co-star Carmen Nicole Tonarelli. They were an item as far back as 2015 when they attended the LA Film Fest as seen in the photo below but we are not sure if they are still together. Anyhoo, we will update this post in the future once we learn more about the actor’s relationship status.

amadeus serafini girlfriend Carmen Nicole Tonarelli at an event for Scream

Amadeus Serafini Actor Model Shirtless Photos (18 August 2014). Who is the long-haired dude in the photo above? That guy, fellow Famewatcher, is a male model named Amadeus Serafini. We’re blogging about him because he is about to go mainstream via the TV version of Scream which will soon air on MTV.

amadeus serafini shirtless

Will Amadeus be the next male model who successfully transitioned from the runway to the big/small screen a-la Mark Wahlberg or Channing Tatum? Or will his MTV gig be a one time thing and his fame will be limited a-la Fabio? Only the future will tell. Hehe. Anyhoo, here’s another shirtless Amadeus Serafini photo.

Amadeus Serafini body shirtless

More about the upcoming MTV series from “The people at MTV, who have long decided that their dedication to music is a thing of the past, have found a new niche in teen-centric TV series, especially with their new, Twilight-esesque take on Teen Wolf, which just had its season premiere last night after the MTV Movie Awards (be sure to check out that new footage from The Dark Knight Rises that premiered during the show last night). Now the network has set their sights on a more recent horror property for their next series endeavor as Scream has been lined up to get the TV treatment.”

Amadeus Serafini Actor: So what role will Amadeus play in the TV version of the slasher film? According to, Serafini “will play Kieran Wilcox, the mysterious new kid in town who has a dark side and a tough exterior that hints at experience beyond his years”.

Although this is our long haired guy’s biggest acting gig to date, he actually has two IMDB acting credits to his name. He starred in a short western drama, Smoke, which was aired in 2013. Serafini is also listed as a cast member in a TV comedy called Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French! It’s not clear whether Oh La La ever aired.

Check out Amadeus modeling for the Skingraft Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook:

amadeus serafini - actor model

Is Amadeus Serafini Gay or Does He Have a Girlfriend? The answer to both questions: we don’t effin know. But, should we find out any relevant info in the future, we promise to update this post.

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Amadeus Serafini Actor Model Shirtless Photos. Posted 18 August 2014. Last updated: September 1, 2023 at 8:30 am.