Rove McManus Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Rove McManus Shirtless, Awards, Girlfriend. Did you know that Rove has tons of awards for his work as a television host and personality. Yup, per wikipedia, he’s won a total of 16 awards from the Logies which is an “annual gathering to celebrate Australian television, sponsored and organised by the magazine TV Week”.

Seven of said Logie awards are for Most Popular Presenter, six are for Most Popular Light Entertainment/Comedy, and three are Golden Logies which is given to the Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. Here’s the Aussie cutie with one of his many Logies:

rove mcmanus awards achievements - logie

We mentioned in our post below that the TV host is married but we did not include a photo of his wifey so we are correcting our mistake. Here’s Rove and Tasma attending the Logie Awards.

rove mcmanus wife tasma walton

And here’s a portrait of the guy as a young man.

rove mcmanus young

Finally, another shirtless photo for the thirsty Famewatcher hoes among us.

rove mcmanus shirtless in the loft

Rove McManus Shirtless (18 August 2014). Look who’s taking a bath with his yellow rubber duckie? It’s multi-awarded Aussie television host Rove McManus. Does he kinda remind you of Seth Meyers? We are having a debate here at Famewatcher whether Rove and Seth do really look like each other.


Deena and yours truly say they do look similar while Kevin and Jackie insist that the two TV hosts look nothing like each other. What do you think? Here’s Seth Meyers of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

seth meyers looks like rove mcmanus

And here’s Rove of the now-defunct Rove LA.

Rove mcmanus looks like seth meyer

Are these two, lookalikes? They may not be spitting images but they sure look similar, right? Tell us what you think in the comments.

By the way, we’re sad to note that Rove’s latest TV project, Riot, did not work out. The Steve Carrell-produced show which was hosted by Rove was cancelled by Fox after a few episodes. Why, you ask? Because you did not watch it, that’s why? Apparently, the Fox powers-that-be decided to end the show because of poor ratings which is sad because it was a fun show to watch.

Is Rove McManus Gay? No he is not gay. He’s actually married to actress Tasma Walton. Rove is famous for asking his guests the question, “who would you go gay for?” which encouraged singer/comedian Chas Licciardello to go gay for Rove himself. Update: Originally, we had the pics of Chas kissing Rove but the image, apparently, is verbotten so we are giving these photos from before and after the kiss.

rove mcmanus gay kiss with Chas Licciardello from The Chaser3

rove mcmanus gay kiss with Chas Licciardello from The Chaser2

rove mcmanus gay kiss with Chas Licciardello from The Chaser

Rove McManus Underwear: What kind of underwear does Rove prefer? Well, someone on Twitter asked him whether he likes boxers or briefs and our Rove revealed that he prefers boxer briefs.


Want to see Rove in a pair of G-string bikini briefs? Check him out in this clip from his Aussie show, Rove. The makeover is courtesy of Bruno aka Sacha Baron Cohen. Note: The video may not be safe for work.

Want more media hunks? Check out the shirtless Willie Geist.

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