Jake Miller Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend? Selfie Underwear Photos

Jake Miller Shirtless and Underwear Photos (2020 Update). Six years later, Jake’s singing career continues to go swimmingly. And he’s got a new girlfriend by the name of Brandi Burrows. Check them out chilling together on Christmas day.

jake miller girlfriend brandi burrows

The singer continues to please his fans by posing for and sharing photos like the one below. He’s got one of the best celebrity washboard abs at the moment that’s for sure.

jake miller abs

Apparently, Jake is a boxer briefs kinda guy and, as you can see in the two photos below, he loves him his Hanes underoos.

jake miller underwear bulge - hanes boxer briefs

jake miller underwear hanes boxer briefs

Jake Miller Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend? Selfie Underwear Photos (8 August 2014). Who will be the next big star in the world of music this coming 2015? If you agree with Fox Weekly, and we find to reason to disagree with them, the #1 up-and-coming star is Jake Miller. If you’re like, “Who is this Jake Miller that Fox speaks of?”, then you gotta read on because here are some things we found out about him:

jake miller body sexy singer

1. He’s a singer with a face and a body of a model. Seriously, look at him! Our friends Deena (a 40-something straight woman) and Kevin (a 20-something fabulous gay guy) are going “Hubba, hubba” when they saw this Jake Miller shirtless photo.

jake miller sexy shirtless singer rapper

2. Like his fellow millenials, Jake Miller takes selfies in his underwear which is why we are including him in our guys with iphones category. Ellen will surely approve of his choice of underwear.

jake miller underwear by ellen - selfie

3. Jake Miller may or may not have a girlfriend. We’re not sure if this is his girlfriend but Jake usually shares photos of him and this girl, Madison Bertini, on his instagram account. [Follow him at @jakemillermusic.]

jake miller body with madison

Another photo of Jake Miller and Madison, this time at the recent MTV movie awards.

jake miller girlfriend - madisonbertini - mtv movie awards 2014

4. We love us our Jake Miller. Why, you ask? Because he’s got a sense of humor and he does not mind making fun of himself. Here’s a photo he shared to his Instagram followers with the following comment: “#TransformationTuesday I actually invented twerking when I was 11”. Hehe. Maybe we should also include Jake in our Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes category?

jake miller body - young and old - TransformationTuesday I actually invented twerking when I was 11

5. Apparently, Jake loves to swim. It’s one of the ways he’s got that fit gorgeous body.

jake miller shirtless - jakemillermusic instagram account

6. Speaking of hot bodies, check out his next photo below. He’s got nice abs, bulging biceps, waggy tongue, what’s not to like?

jake miller shirtless

7. Is Jake Miller gay or straight? We told you he’s got a girlfriend right? That means he is straight. But, we gotta say, the pic below is kind of gay. Hehe.

jake miller underwear waistband

8. Is Jake’s music good? Well, judge for yourself. Check out “Collide”. Pretty cool, huh? We like it!

9. Jake’s got a friend in high places and his name is Ceelo Green. Nah. Not really, we’re not sure if they are friends. According to Jake in his Instagram account, they met at a pre-Grammy party.

jake miller with ceelo green

10. Is Jake Miller related to Mac Miller? Here’s the answer according to a forumer on techdirt.com: “No they are not related. Mac Miller’s real name BTW is Malcolm McCormick i think Jake Miller’s real name is Jake Miller lol. Well anyways no they aren’t related.” Actually, Jake Miller’s name is Jacob Harris “Jake” Miller. Hehe.

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