5 After Midnight Shirtless, Hot Selfies, Gay or Girlfriend

5 After Midnight Update. Unfortunately, these guys as a group never blew up which means we lost a hundred bucks for betting — back in 2016 — that they will be the next One Direction. Kieran Alleyne left the group to launch a solo career in 2018. So the former trio is now a duo composed of Jordan Bruce Lee and Nathan Lewis.

5 After Midnight Shirtless Photo (5 December 2016). Are the 5 After Midnight boys the next One Direction? We are gotta bet a hundred bucks that they will be. Why are we kinda confident that they will go big? Because they are rising at a time when the last great boyband (aka One Direction) is disintegrating. They are in that sweet sweet spot when young girls are looking for someone to idolize and scream over. Anyhoo, our X Factor boys made it to the pages of OK magazine. Expect more magazine photoshoots for these up-and-coming singers.

5 after midnight shirtless photos

Thank you OK Mag for this 5 After Midnight shirtless pic. Yay! [Want more X Factor hunks? Check out Olly Murs Shirtless.]

Kieran Alleyne Shirtless. As you may expect, the 5 After boys have been sharing some photos through their social media accounts. Check out, for instance, these hot selfies courtesy of Kieran Alleyne who must be — and should be — proud of his sculpted washboard abs.

kieran alleyne shirtless

Nathan Lewis Shirtless. Checkout Nathan’s version of a shirtless selfie.

nathan lewis shirtless x factor

Jordan Lee Cute Selfie. We can’t find any shirtless pic for Jordan but here’s a selfie of him being cute and adorable. Hehe.

jordan lee shirtless selfie

5 After Midnight Gay or Girlfriend? Are the boys gay or straight. They are straight. Kieran Allen just announced that he’s gonna be a new dad. So he has a girlfriend slash baby mama.

kieran alleyne girlfriend wife baby mama

For his part, Nathan Lewis “enjoyed an intimate rendezvous in a backstage cupboard” with fellow X-Factor contestant Sam Lavery according to the Daily Mail. We’re not sure if the report is true. And we can’t say whether Nathan is (or was) in a relationship with Sam. We will find out in the future though.

nathan lewis girlfriend sam lavery

Finally, Jordan Lee also reportedly fell in love with fellow X Factor contestant Gifty Louise. Here’s an intimate pic of the two:

jordan lee x factor girlfriend gifty louise

And here’s what a insider (via The Sun) says about the two singer’s relationship: “Gifty and Jordan have been inseparable since entering the house but they are trying to keep things low key. It’s still very much early days for them both and they don’t want to risk their friendship, or chances in the competition, by flaunting their feelings for each other.”

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