Tom Malone Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Gogglebox Breakdancing Hunk

Tom Malone Shirtless Photos. Today in hot British hunks, we bring you breakdancing hunk Tom Malone. If you are in the U.K. and are a fan of reality shows, you should know by now that our Tom appears on the show Gogglebox on Channel 4. Anyhoo, here are some fabulous shirtless photos of the guy:

tom malone smoking hot body gogglebox

We grabbed these images from Tom’s social media accounts. You might want to follow him on Instagram (@thatkidtom).

tom malone hairstyle and shirtless photo

Is he trying to compete with basketball star Jeremy Lin in the “who has the most creative hairstyle” contest?

tom malone shirtless photo

Our favoritest Tom Malone shirtless pic would be the one above where he sunbathes with brother Shaun.

Tom Malone Jr. Job/Profession? He’s a Dancer and Choreographer. Aside from appearing on TV as a reality star, Tom is also a dancer — a breakdancer to be more specific. He also teaches choreography and is a freelance model. Check out his breakdancing move in the pic below.

tom malone break dancer

Tom is a member of a dance crew called Ruff Diamonds which made it all the way to the finals in the 2013 Got to Dance competition. Here’s the Ruff Diamond boys going for a swim. Who’s got the best washboard abs of them all?

tom malone ruff diamond dance group

Tom Malone Gay or Straight? He is straight. And he’s got a girlfriend too. Check them out taking a cool vacation in Egypt.

tom malone girlfriend phoebe ray

For those who are wondering, the lucky Tom Malone girlfriend is named Phoebe Raye. Like Tom, she is also a dancer. She can do breakdancing and hip hop like her boyfriend. But in addition, her dance styles also includes ballet, jazz, and tap. According to her profile on, she is also a model and has done some bits of acting.

tom malone gay or girlfriend - dating phoebe raye

Update: He most recently dated Byrony Briscoe. Their relationship started in 2020 but they called it quits early this year. Here’s the two when they were still a thing:

tom malone jr girlfriend byrony briscoe

Shall we end this post with another shirtless pic of the Gogglebox star? He’s cute, looks cool, and is chillaxin’.

tom malone shirtless gogglebox

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